Zuki - The Game Show In Snow Shooting Its Players To Stardom With Awesome Gains

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Founder & CEO

Jim Phipps



Business Type

P2E Gaming




Jim Phipps


Zuki is a P2E gaming platform built on a decentralized economy application and is community-oriented. Building characters, virtual goods, and metaverse structures take place on this platform. Also, the Play to Earn mechanism is used to generate financial benefits for the players, which sets them apart from other games.

Zuki is built to meet users' entertainment desires and, most importantly, prioritize users' interests. Most of the NFT games available now have repetitive basic gameplay which makes playing monotonous. However, each game in Zuki will be unique based on the player lineup and the team's abilities and strategies.

In addition, Blockchain and NFT can solve problems related to the gaming industry that traditional games cannot deal with. The connection between players and game publishers has been balanced owing to blockchain technology, and gamers are no longer as dependent on one another as they once were. Here, you can become not only a player but also a good game creator. The difference between Zuki and other games lies in that line of point.

Zuki has its own native token called Zuki, which users can use to play the game, and these tokens can be earned as rewards. You can buy and sell these tokens. Users of this app can directly edit and delete previously recorded activities in as many subsections as they want. To make it simple for users, we choose EVM.

A visual outline of the project plan

Business Plan

Challenges & Motives

The Pain Points

Let us take a look at why Zuki is relevant and what problems we have currently.

Complicated Gameplay

Most games in the blockchain space have complicated gameplay which acts as a barrier to entry.

Users cannot create new games

Users are just players, they have no control over how the games work and cannot contribute.

Focus on hyper-realistic gameplay.

Most games in the space focus on hyper-realistic gameplay which sometimes is not for everyone.

The Solution

A P2E Gaming Ecosystem that gives power back to the players

Zuki is quickly different it’s a vision in the Play-to-Earn space. The major challenges in front of us were that existing games were extremely complex to play and users have no say in how the games should work. Zuki has changed this scenario by allowing users to create their own puzzles and quizzes where both game creators and players can earn rewards in Zuki tokens.

The Zuki team already had a good team to work on game development. So, it was our job to make sure that the decentralized aspects were up to the mark. We Worked on 3 major aspects of Zuki:

Zuki utility token.

Landing Page.

Staking Platform.

We also put a dedicated blockchain consultant for the Zuki project to devise and plan the ecosystem and tokenomics.


Design Screens


Unique Features

Fully decentralized platform.

Monetize your gaming skill.

Earn tokens as rewards.

Better exposure.

Turn your ideas into games.

Engage with the community.

Tech Stacks

A great app needs the right tools and technology to perform

Front End


Back End

Node js

Smart Contracts



Zuki is undoubtedly a game-changer in the P2E gaming space. On successful delivery of all the deliverables, Zuki launched a staking campaign on the Ethereum network. Currently, the Zuki team is working on the gaming platform, which will be launched in late 2022 to early 2023.

In the next phases, Zuki looks to expand its audience further and integrate blockchain into the gaming platform.


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