Defi staking software

DeFi Staking Platform Development Services

At BlockchainX, we provide value-oriented services for building DeFi staking software that is bolstered by market-leading features and has high security. Our blockchain experts work to deliver comprehensive solutions that will help you accelerate your digital transformation.

With our DeFi staking platform development services, you can bridge the gap between your digital vision and reality. BlockchainX can help you navigate and expedite your journey into the billion-dollar staking market by launching your DeFi staking software.

Why DeFi Staking Is The Future

Investor Enticement

DeFi staking platform expands the user-to-investor pipeline by offering lucrative earnings for depositing tokens.

High Liquidity & Utility

Staking is a popular way for long-term investors to quickly increase the liquidity & utility of their tokens.

Revenue Stream

The DeFi staking platform allows you to earn more revenue for your business by charging fixed fees to your stakers.

Cost Savings

The removal of third-party intermediaries in DeFi staking platform helps to significantly reduce transaction costs.

Ways to Reward Users

Defi staking software

Project Tokens

Easily issue staking rewards to your stakers in your own project tokens. You can configure the APR (Yield) according to how your tokenomics is set up, attracting more users while safeguarding your token's price in the open market.

Defi staking software


You can also issue rewards in other ERC20 tokens and stablecoins, in multiple pools. All you have to do is deposit tokens you want to issue as rewards into the staking smart contract, and you're done. Users can easily stake and earn.

Defi staking software

NFT Rewards

NFTs are a great way to attract more community members to your project. Take your staking campaign to the next level by allowing users to stake tokens and earn rewards in NFTs. Simply deposit your NFTs to the contract, and you're done

Our Process

How our DeFi staking platform development works

Decentralize banking wallet

We work with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs & design a blockchain framework. This isn't just about sharing the benefits of our product with you; we'll also look into how it can help solve some common pain points in innovative ways.

Organize and plan

Our approach & advisory services help clients assess organizational readiness, anticipate business impact, & develop a go-to-market strategy.


We build a crypto wallet by leveraging our extensive domain knowledge. We work across the organization to engage stakeholders & develop solutions that are ready for deployment.


Our goal is to provide our clients with a trustworthy crypto wallet solution. We make certain that the service we provide has a tangible impact on their businesses, even after the product has been deployed.

Why Choose us For DeFi Staking Platform ?


Meaningful Outcomes

We make a visible difference and we make certain that you see a value from your investment.

Accelerated development

Accelerated development

We create products that are tailored to your target audience. A well-planned roadmap ensures smooth and rapid development and deployment.

Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support

Our work does not end with the release of the product. We offer comprehensive post-delivery services so you can focus on your growth.

Proficient Team

Proficient Team

We have experts who can help you fine-tune your offering, recommend the best technology approach, and even set up communities.

Pros of investing in the DeFi staking platform


Stabilize your token price

Launching a staking platform even later in your project's journey helps stabilize its market price. It temporarily takes your tokens our of circulation during the campaign.


Prevent sell off at Launch

For newer projects, a locked staking campaign is a great way to support your token price. Users will lock tokens for a fixed tenure to earn yield, and this prevents sell-offs.


Incentivizsing Holders

To any project, community is the key to success. Launching a staking campaign allows you to incentivize your loyal users for their support by allowing them to earn yield.


Generate Demand

Staking campaigns can be a great tool in your arsenal to market your project. This way, users get more value for what they pay for and can generate passive income with your tokens.

The expertise of our DeFi staking platform development company

Security tools

Dapp Security

Each Dapp we produce goes through a meticulous audit and testing process. Additionally, we keep strict guidance to follow security best practices.

Smart contracts

Smart Contracts

Our expert smart contract developers can develop customized staking platforms that incorporate your tokenomics, platform mechanics, and features.


UI development

We assign a dedicated UI/UX Design team for your staking project, delivering a platform with an effective user experience that aligns with your vision.

KYC integration

KYC integration

If your place of operation is in a region with a strict regulatory framework, we can integrate KYC solutions to avoid costly and damaging litigations.

Digital wallet integration

Multi Wallet Integration

Integrate multiple wallets into your staking platform to attract more community members which helps with expanding your ecosystem, investors, and users.

Deployment and launch

Deployment and Launch

Our end-to-end service offers continuous support for your staking project from initial requirement gathering to deployment, making your launch seamless.

Our Demo Token Staking Platform

Token Staking Dapp

Locked Staking

Allow users to take tokens for fixed tenures to earn a percentage yield. This helps prevent early reward sell-offs and supports your tokenomics

Flexible Staking

This kind of staking enables users to stake and unstake, whenever they want when the staking pools are active. Perfect for short-term project.

Whitelist / Blacklist

Sometimes, you may want to block bad actors from staking or enable only community access. Whitelist/Blacklist to enable/disable wallet addresses.

Reward in Tokens

Issue staking rewards in your own project tokens. This incentivizes users to hold your project tokens rather than liquidate them for a quick cash-out.

APR % Configuration

Your staking platform is completely unders your control. Manage your token’s inflation in the market by configuring the reward rate (APR), easily.


Why Choose BlockchainX?

We at BlockchainX have extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains. Our team consists of elite developers, marketers who provide unwavering support to your project, ensuring its success. Furthermore, all of our services are customizable, giving you a competitive advantage.


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