What is a Uniswap Clone?

Uniswap Clone

Uniswap clone script is a pre-developed DeFi exchange clone software that includes all of the features and functionalities of the existing Uniswap platform. This clone script is an easy way for you to quickly launch a fully functional, bug-free decentralized exchange. It is a completely white label solution and can be customized for your idea. Get started quickly in DeFi with our Dex Exchange development services.

White Label Uniswap Clone Script

The White Label Uniswap Clone Script is a quick solution for instantly deploying your own DEX platform. At BlockchainX, our DeFi exchange developers provide the best white-label Uniswap clone solutions that support liquidity pools and crypto token swapping in the same way that Uniswap does. Through our UniSwap clone script, you can enter the world of DeFi.

Dex Exchange Development Demo

Uniswap Clone Dex User Demo

  • Swap
  • Pools
  • Charts - Info Explorer
  • Wallets supported - Metamask & Wallet Connect

Dex Exchange Development Demo Video

  • Automated Admin Revenue commission on each swap
  • Supports All EVM based Blockchains
  • Completely Decentralized - Smart Contracts
  • Customizable & 100% source codes

Uniswap Clone Features

Our Uniswap Clone Script is loaded with high quality and standard essential features:

Flash Swapping

Flash Swapping

Our DEX exchange platform uses flash swapping to speed up multi-step transactions, allowing users to withdraw ERC-20 token reserves.


Competitive pricing

Get your DEX up and running quickly with minimal setup and maintenance. Through expert-quality analysis, we provide a cost-effective dex platform.


Yield Farming

Our DEX development services enable you to offer new Defi earning opportunities to the users. You can begin your yield farming & DEX protocol with expert guidance.


Multiple wallets

Users have the flexibility of multiple wallet support with our uniswap clone script since it is compatible with well-known wallets.


Deploy on any network

The issuance of new tokens allows your Uniswap clone to experience high-level trading while your own token is being developed.

No holding of funds

No holding of funds

Our UniSwap clone is completely decentralized, which means that everything works completely through smart contracts. Users always keep their private keys.


Secured Transactions

Our UniSwap clone script runs on internally audited & secured smart contracts. This makes it completely trustless and makes transactions secure through the blockchain.


Own Custody

Users of our DEX platform can store their private keys, making them the custodians of their tokens/assets, and exchange them directly with the liquidity pools.

Benefits of Uniswap Clone

BlockchainX comes with a seamless array of benefits that provide a complete experience for users. Our Uniswap clone is your quickest way to run a trustless online business in the decentralized finance universe.

Less Investment

Creating a custom DeFi exchange platform like Uniswap does not always have to be an expensive endeavour. Our Uniswap clone enables you to launch a low-cost exchange platform.

Disposal of Middleman

Decentralization is always beneficial in paving the way for a business process with no third-party involvement. The removal of third parties ensures that the output is more efficient.

High ROI

Get a premium rate of ROI through our decentralized exchange platform, which includes features such as staking, yield farming, and more.

Liquidity Benefits

Optimize your user experience with our Uniswap clone, which provides a smooth liquidity protocol that directly eliminates challenges.

Instant Swaps

Users don't have to wait for orders to fill like in a regular centralized exchange. They can swap tokens instantly by connecting their Web3 wallets.

Censorship Resistant

Users can interact directly with the blockchain through the Uniswap clone app, which is completely decentralized & censorship-resistant.

LP Rewards

The Uniswap clone includes LP rewards so that users could use its liquidity mining feature to earn rewards through liquidity provisions and token pairs.

Security Features


Our Uniswap clone is integrated with secured smart contracts, which directly helps in the automation of transactions by connecting potential sellers & buyers.

Users can complete transactions without the involvement of a third party or middleman since our Uniswap clone is completely decentralized.

Cybercriminals will target any cryptocurrency-related platform. With multi-layered security, our Uniswap clone is safe from cybercriminals.

With End-to-End encryption, our Uniswap clone protects communications and transactions among users.

We came up with a highly secure exchange that saves data on the outside while allowing the user to view constant pricing information.

Our Uniswap Clone Script Development Process


Requirement gathering

We consider each customer to be unique, a thorough analysis of your requirements will be done based on your specific needs and expectations.

Development-tools ready for development


Depending on the client's business concept, our business experts will plan and provide the best solution.



User experience is vital to the success of your Uniswap clone. As a result, we assign specialized experts to build the UI and other visuals for your Uniswap clone app.



Although we provide you with a ready-made Uniswap clone, it must be customized to your requirements and add the features you want to include.



This is simply to ensure that everything works as it & that there are no flaws, and that the Uniswap clone we deliver is free of issues like compatibility & dependability.

Deploy and launch


Maintenance is optional, but once the solution is complete, we will deploy it on your server & if you also build your mobile app with us, we will deploy the mobile app on the suitable play stores.


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