Real Estate Tokenization Platform: True Potential Of Assets and Properties

Real Estate Tokenization is the process of tokenizing actual assets or properties, or their cash flow in the digital world as tokens. They are backed by decentralized properties of Blockchain that enhance transparency, accessibility, interoperability, authority, and security and also provide fractional ownership.

Tokenization of Real estate is achieved through a decentralized software that can store real world asset data on the blockchain and issue RWA tokens that meet regulatory requirements. Real estate tokenization platform renders a wholesome package of Real estate tokenization services including real estate token development, storage, trading, initiating buying and selling, staking assets, and much more.

  • Decentralized Platform
  • 100% Secured Solution
  • Customized Operations
  • Improving Asset Liquidity
  • Easing Asset Transaction
  • Improved Operational Efficiency

Tokenize Real Estate Based On These Checklist


Smart Contracts

Interest Types

Legal Entity

Security law

Company Code

Asset Type

Asset Location

Tokenization Ratio

Asset Mortgages

Investor Traceability

Automated KYC/AML

Accredited Investor Verification

Globalized Fundraising

Legal & Restricted Frameworks

Different Jurisdictions

Different Features In Tokenization Of Real Estate Platform

User profile

User Profile

Unique profiles for each user with required fields to collect and gather user information.

User verification

User Verification

To verify the participant in the Real estate tokenization platform ensure user authentication.

Land ownership

Land Ownership NFTs

Features to ensure the Land ownership NFTs for assets are digitized in the real estate NFT marketplace.

Token offering launchpad

Token Offering Launchpad

The real estate assets have to be tokenized in the launchpad, to get listed for sale and purchase.

Integrated governance

Integrated Governance

Governance is an integral part of any blockchain-backed platform, and we ensure to curate with care.

Built in wallet

Built-in Wallet

The wallet is a basic requirement that is used to store and transact assets, tokens, and NFTs from one another.


Payment Gateways

Integrating multiple payment gateways gives your users a secure and convenient payment transaction process.


Secondary Marketplace

This space serves as a secondary market for the purchased assets or tokens to be resold or listed for sale.

Dividend payments

Dividend Payments

Dividend Payment facilitates understanding the internal payment cut down that is happening.

Discussion forums

Discussion Forums

As the platform runs on a consensus mechanism, it helps in understanding the community better.

Benefits Of Real Estate Tokenization Development

High volume liquidity

High-volume Liquidity

With the perks of higher liquidity, tokenization of Real estate services improves buying and selling efficiently.

Fractional ownership

Fractional Ownership

Make divided ownership where the huge real estate tokenized asset can be partitioned and sold which encourages wider participation.



Attracting investors and property owners from the global forum, unrestricted participation opens wider opportunities.

no intermediaries

No Intermediaries

Eliminates the need for intermediaries, the investors and the asset owners can directly make and close deals.

Blockchain immutability

Blockchain Immutability

Blockchain immutability in real estate tokenization projects ensures the records are well-kept and cannot be interrupted at any cause.


Instant, Efficient Transactions

Providing simplified transaction processes that are instant and efficient by all means encourages user participation.

Reduced entry cost

Reduced Entry Cost

Cut down the external and mundane costs in terms of operations and initiation in the Real Estate Tokenization platform.

Highly secure

Highly Secure

Blockchain’s integral quality is to render security and we customize security layers based on your requirements.

Simplified management

Simplified Management

Cut down management barriers in asset management by tokenizing real estate on the blockchain.

Real Estate Token Platform Benefiting Property Owners & Prospective Investors

NFT Marketplace For Tokenized Real Estate

A very potential investment alternative, the tokenization of real estate using blockchain technology ensures its uniqueness, and ownership and improves the asset value eventually. With the upgrading trend and transaction benefits, the Real estate tokenization NFT marketplace is revolutionizing and enhancing operations from every bit - from buys and selling to store offers a complete package.

  • Opportunity to buy and sell Tokenized Real Estate.
  • Fractional ownership of Highly valued properties.
  • Faster and easier property trading facilities.
  • Improved Liquidity for the real estate market.
  • Worldwide investors thereby expanding market capacity.
  • Eliminating traditional barrier reducing administrative barrier.

Tokenized Real Estate Projects Executed At BlockchainX

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Why Opt For Tokenizing Real Estate For Investments?

Token Structure Developed on Ethereum, Hyperledger, or Stellar

Involving Specialists in Blockchain and Smart Contract development

Flexible to adapt to new market structures.

Highly experienced team with a professional approach

Improved revenue streams for business

Frequently Asked Question .

Representing a real estate asset or its cash flow in the blockchain network, the process involved is called Real estate Tokenization. It helps increase liquidity, streamline the process, and enable digital ownership and security.

The benefits of tokenizing real estate include improved asset management, monitoring, and decentralized processing invoking security, transparency, and interoperability.

Real estate tokenization projects can be unique as their smart contracts are curated so that the asset can only perform the pre-defined set of operations and so they act.

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