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BlockchainX Tech

A completely bootstrapped Blockchain development company with 4+ years of track record under our belt. The popularity of web3 economies and their future is our inspiration to build cutting-edge solutions for Web3 start-ups. To startle among the digital fusion we strive to create a stirring impact with our tech maestros, who are the backbone in rendering cutting-edge Blockchain app development services.

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Cutting-edge Blockchain Development Services.

Ruling out the Blockchain industry with starstruck solutions from our expertise. We facilitate heterogeneous solutions, exposing your dream to reality.

Blockchain Integrations

We can get your projects mainstream by integrating a business portal on the desired blockchain network, alongside also you build an exclusive network that can operate on its own.

DApps Development

Our Comprehensive decentralized Solutions have reached out to almost every edge and curated a complete universe of abilities in the spaces with our improved technology, which shall be the future.

DeFi Development

In Decentralised finances - DeFi Development Services, we render services that cull out legibility, security, and reliability on DeFi, therefore being a canvas to the new digitized finance market.

DAO services

From exchange to currencies, our complete decentralized solutions render smart contract services that are on-of-the-kind. Its fortune in terms of security, safety along with scalability.

Asset Tokenization

Our robust solutions from the hands of our experiment Blockchain development facilitators, will help you develop any token, in the standard that you call out. This includes NFTs, asset tokenization, DeFi, and others.

Launchpad Development

We shall help you curate intricate launchpad solutions for crowdfunding, wallets, payments, etc. The most prominent assurance from our side is to deliver on-time services for all our products.

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Ideal Custom NFT Ecosystem Development

We Carve.

Your World In Metaverse Development

Metaverse Development

Gaming & Entertainment

In a world of endless possibilities, our fine hand's code magic that extends and imparts more fun-filled showcases through an immersive environment. This time-effective and revenue-generating space are of high interest among users, there are wider openings to explore in the genre.

Metaverse Development
Metaverse Development
Metaverse Development

Our Process Blockchain Development



Open-minded discussion on the needs and requirements to jot the plan of the product.



The most creative part of the deployment need creative inputs, and we infuse our unique touch.



Heading to the technical team to fetch the backend process and other integrations.



And passing all the tests and reworks, the product is all set to go out in the market.



In this stage, we work out the possibilities and their technical notions for the better good.

We Vitalize.

On Business-Class Technical Stack


Case Studies.

This part holds the legacy of BlockchainX Tech. Establishing all that we have worked out for our clients as a Blockchain development company is brought down here. This gives an ideology of our expertise and could bring your idea to life and hold the top priority here.

A decentralized ecosystem built from scratch, along with the ability to perform everything and anything. Being a blockchain itself, it renders and supports DAO, and has its own marketplace and token to interact with. It explores endless possibilities and bridges the physical world and the blockchain era.



Minosis is a crypto mining startup that allows users to participate in pools to earn virtual currency. In a unique way, Minosis miners can earn Bitcoin regardless of their mine and even achieve block rewards. Despite simplifying transaction's cost, the payments are accepted as native tokens or Bitcoins.

Zuki is a P2E gaming platform built on a decentralized economy application. A community-oriented space that performs building characters, virtual goods, and metaverse structures all in one. Furthermore, the P2E mechanism is utilized to generate financial benefits for the players drawing a wider crowd.

Starcard Sports

Starcard Sports

This is a play-to-earn decentralized gaming arena developed to connect real-world players through digital gaming. This game is based on football along with metaverse abilities drawing income. With the ability to monetize, it inherits an immersive experience that challenges traditional gaming platforms.

BlockchainX Clients

We Are Featured.

On Hyperledger Blockchain Showcase

With hands-on experience in developing decentralized solutions and their components we stand out among the other NFT development solution providers, as we particularize on quality and customization. Focusing on our vision, we have been associated with real-world problems, providing ultimate solutions.Being featured on the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Showcase.

Our product Eatzila is the first-ever food delivery application on the blockchain network. We have built it to solve the major trauma in the industry, solving issues in substandard delivery and management, maintaining transparency in discounts, and others. Alongside we are extended as a premium Metaverse development company heading to the larger outreach across the continents. Our R&D team heads through every possible nuance to dig for the perfect solutions for our client. Our substantial motive is to revolve around this world as a sustainable web3 solution facilitator.


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