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Blockchain App Development Company

Providing end-to-end business-grade solutions, that help you level your game in the market. As a Blockchain development company, our services circle around, developing Blockchain solutions, from scratch, ideating and market analysis of your product grades and building sustainable self-automated decentralized solutions based on blockchain.
With efficient flow and effective functioning from tokenomics to transparent transactions, we take over all varied blockchain based development services

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Cutting-Edge Blockchain Development Services


Real-world asset platform development in Blockchain is a process that involves actual assets whose authority and ownership are expanded by tokenizing in Blockchain networks.

Crypto WalletCrypto Wallet

Blockchain app development service that is used to make crypto storage and transactions easy and simple. The wallet acts as a host to store, hold, and transact crypto assets that expand your opportunities among DeFi in a secured, fast, and immutable manner.

Crypto ExchangeCrypto Exchange

Blockchain software development services that are dedicatedly curated and customized to exchange crypto assets for one another on blockchain networks contribute to developing your decentralized networks.

Bep20 and Erc20 TokenBep20 and Erc20 Token

Based on your business and its requirements, we shall curate BEB20 and ERC20 tokens under our blockchain development services, which are used to meet the financial crunch and scale up efficiently.

Enterprise BlockchainEnterprise Blockchain

A type of blockchain development that is permissioned and, at the same time, works based on predefined contracts. We at BlockchainX help you curate proficient solutions for backing your business.

Token Sale Dapp Token Sale Dapp (ICO & SDO)

As a promising and industry-leading blockchain app development company, we extend our end-to-end service in token sale Dapp development, where our experts develop a full-fledged initial Dex offering platform.

Cryptocurrency Development Cryptocurrency Development

We provide a solid feature-rich cryptocurrency development that is enterprise-grade currencies, unlocking new avenues of business and enhancing the value of your projects in the market.

Smart Contract Developmen Smart Contract Development

As a part of our blockchain software development service, our smart contracts are guaranteed to be error-free, efficient, and aptly functioning based on your requirements, easing your operations thoroughly.

We Deploy.

Tailored solutions for your projects

Blockchain Development Services for Every Sector

Eradicating and addressing real-world issues in the healthcare industry, Blockchain app development in healthcare is going to provide transparency, traceability, and accountability among the stakeholders and operations.

Blockchain revolutionizes the insurance industry by extending security, transparency, and efficient solutions in terms of policy management, processing claims, and preventing fraudulent actions. It also streamlines operations and cuts down costs through immutable records.

The supply chain network greatly benefits from the involvement of blockchain development solutions whose accountability, transparency, and smart contract audited transactions ensure security and meet regulations. From the sellers to the manufacturers, it supports everyone.

Another promising industry expanding with blockchain is agriculture, finding new opportunities, streamlining operations, analyzing productions, and contributing to the process of meeting demand. The transparent nature of blockchain authenticates, certifies, verifies, and maximizes the overall sustainability ratio of the sector.

Our blockchain development solution encompasses the creation and maintenance of a decentralized application. Blockchain services add value to the finance and investment sectors, are highly contributing in terms of transparency and security, and manage asset transactions seamlessly.

One added advantage that rentals seek with blockchain software solutions is efficiency and better management power over the property, and its listing is simply managed. From agreements to payments and checkout, everything is monitored and managed by the blockchain platform, contributing to saving time and effort for landlords and tenants.

The most creative and innovative sector, game development in the blockchain, is a process involving the utmost dynamic and creative approach in developing the decentralized platform with in-game purchases, trading, a reward system, and much more than just gaming.

Rental businesses will eventually benefit from blockchain app development services, not restricting their contribution just to manufacturers and customers. Blockchain benefits dealers and retailers in tracking and tracing their orders, which is more transparent and efficient in blockchain.

Client Success Stories

Catch up on our client's success stories at BlockchainX. We have worked with various clients and on various projects in blockchain platform development. And here are some of the top projects in which we were involved.




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Blockchain App Development Process Includes

End-to-end practice, that is more keen on quality, efficiency, and exploring maximized ability. BlockchainX follows this regime religiously in every project that's pitched in.

Blockchain App Development Process Includes

Requirements Gathering

When a client pitches in with a requirement and a project, as a renowned blockchain development service company, we hear through and discuss their timeline, budgets, and requirements. Basically, gather the information and legally agree to work together with each other.

Specification and customization

We have the next level of discussion on working out the possibilities and practicalities of the projects. We suggest additional specifications and put them from our side in blockchain app development; eventually, the client requests their customization expectations on the same.

Market Trends

With all that in hand, the next step in blockchain development services is to do a round of market analysis to identify trends and user expectations to make the blockchain app developed to be convenient and friendly.

Building the architecture

Going further, we go ahead with building the structure of the platform, from infrastructure to screen. We curate the platform based on the requirements given based on the blockchain network.

Integrations and Compliance

We then integrate the coded smart contracts and the platform along with the other compliances, which bring the bits and patches all together to form the solid structure. Here, we also ensure the platform meets the legal regulations and that its functions are not violating the norms.


The next important step in Blockchain platform solution development is testing. After rigors and on-point scrutinization, corrections, and rework, We ensure the platform is meeting the client's requirements and performing the assigned tasks.


Going ahead, the grand launch of the blockchain platform we curated is open for users and critics to share their experiences and suggestions on the blockchain app developed.


Then, in need of any additional support, we provide the same, and as the platform gets easier, there will be an eventual release of updates and integrations.

We Built Enterprise Blockchain On Different Networks Such As


As Your Blockchain App Development Company

At BlockchainX, we connect the world of possibilities! Over the years, we have provided custom blockchain app development services for blockchain-based start-ups. We have also evolved as one of the leading blockchain development company, and together as a team of experienced developers, we progress as we explore.

Experts in the field

Our blockchain development services are handled by experienced professionals who have hands-on experience in curating business-class solutions

Assured security and compliance

Be built with 100% quality solutions, never compromising on standards, and ensure they meet all the legal compliance regulations and are secured.

Clients are the center

Our blockchain app development solutions are centered around the client's requirements, and we ensure that we meet their recruitment needs on a par scale.

Advancing technology

We employ advanced, avant-garde technologies in the process of blockchain development that stand out unlike others and keep you on top among your business competitors.

 Open to upgrading

The team and our vision are more aligned to upgrade and evolve with the active digital and technological revolution that is happening.

Round-the-clock support

We provide round-the-clock support and service actively for the project we are engaged with and ensure to meet the deadlines promptly.

Advance Your Traditions With Advanced Tractions Pulling Solutions Provided With Blockchain!

Our Achievements.

Taking innovation beyond borders to the hands
of happy customers globally


Blockchain development services include curating a full-fledged ecosystem, or decentralized platforms that are immutable, transparent, and secured with the ability of blockchain backing them in terms of operations.

The time involved in blockchain app development is very subjective, based on the requirements, technology, and features or functions that are incorporated, and most rely on the client's timeframe for launching the solution.

Opting for Blockchain services with BlockchainX means you are on a full scale open to customizing your Blockchain app for you and your business, which enables operations, automates functions, and does much more.

While choosing your blockchain app development service providers, it's important to be keen on their tier experience, their transparency, and the level of customization they provide. BlockchainX, over the years, has proved to contribute consistently and sustainably to the growth and progress of the evolving global market.

At BlockchainX, we render end-to-end blockchain development as your blockchain development company. From ideating to customizing, preparing smart contracts, auditing them, and deploying solutions, we are also very involved in terms of DeFi, DEX, tokenizations, Metaverse, and many other development services.

BlockchainX Overview.

BlockchainX is a leading Blockchain development company, the subsidiary company of Sparkout Tech curating upgrade business solutions since 2017. Meeting industry requirements in the global market, our advanced tech approaches revolutionize almost every sector.


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