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BlockchainX is a leading cryptocurrency wallet development company that aims to make it easier to launch crypto wallets for global businesses. Our experts have years of experience and domain knowledge, and they are constantly keeping an eye on the new wallet trends to integrate into the wallet. We intend to create customizable digital wallets with specific needs and purposes in mind. Consult our experts today for quality and timely solutions!

Crypto Wallet App Development Demo

Are you Looking for creating a Mobile web3 Wallet app for your token/coin? You are in the right place. BX’s predeveloped crypto wallet app solution is the exact start path for your project. It is an exact metamask clone wallet app solution.

Top Features:

  • Supports all EVM Chains
  • In App DAPP Browser
  • Scan QR code to send crypto
  • Transaction History
  • NFTs support
  • Transfer NFTs, Import NFTs
  • Gas fees optimization/control
  • Mobile Phone Biometric Security
  • Supports Native currencies and Tokens
  • Mnemonics, Export Private Key, Import wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services


Web Wallet

This wallet can be accessed via the internet at any time. They securely store small savings & support multiple currencies.


Mobile Wallet

This provides users with advanced functionality and allows them to access digital assets on mobile devices.


Desktop Wallet

It is a very effective method of cold storage for cryptocurrencies. More secure than mobile and web wallets.


Hardware Wallet Integration

This is more secure than web wallets, easier to use than paper wallets & we can integrate it with your current app.

Types of Crypto Wallet Development Solutions


Web Wallet Development

Using our skilled developers, you can smartly create a powerful web wallet that allows for secure transactions & user asset management.


Mobile Wallets

We ensure that our wallets are compatible with both Android & iOS platforms. Trendy features are guaranteed, as are top-notch security and the best user experience.


Multi-Currency Wallet Development

Multi-currency wallet development allows users to store & transact in different currencies. Our team can help with both single & multi-currency support.


White Label Wallet Development

We help users earn, transfer & monitor virtual currencies with white-label crypto wallet solutions from our experts. We create apps by integrating world-class security features.


Centralized Wallet Development

Protect users' private keys & make it easy for them to access the wallet. Furthermore, the paper's whitelisting ensures faster & safer transactions.


Tron Wallet Development

We develop personalized wallets for start-ups and established businesses on TRON and help manage TRX, TRON, and other currencies.


DeFi Wallet Development

We develop DeFi solutions after thoroughly understanding your company's needs & our solutions are designed to increase revenue streams in the long run.


NFT Wallet Development

Our developers have extensive experience creating user-friendly NFT wallets. We cover your needs, whether they are centralized or decentralized.


Desktop Wallet Development

Build your desktop wallet with the help of BlockchainX experts. Allow your users to install it on their desktops and securely store their private keys.


Bitcoin Wallet Development

BlockchainX provides unique and innovative Bitcoin wallet development services, delivering powerful wallets for securely storing private transaction keys.


Ethereum Wallet Development

We create scalable Ethereum wallets that are capable of holding ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens, which have gained popularity among users.


Coin-Based Wallet Development

Our services include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other single currency wallet development solutions to ensure that your business operations run smoothly & efficiently.

Explore the World-Class Features of Our White Label Crypto Wallet


Multi-Factor Authentication

Despite the complete security of blockchain-based software, we provide advanced security with multi-factor authentication.


Multi-Crypto Support

We provide a wallet that supports all major cryptocurrencies and allow you to upgrade to a new crypto wallet.


Transaction History

You can easily access all transaction history and manage your finances with a publicly distributed ledger.


Automated Conversion Rates Updates

Never face any loss with features that automatically update the conversion rates so you can get the best value of your assets.


Wallet Backup

Backup all of your cryptocurrency wallet data to ensure that you never lose access to your digital assets or cryptocurrencies.


Automated Session Logout

By integrating an automatic session logout feature into your wallet, you can keep your data secure and prevent harmful hacks.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Wallet

Multi Currency

Considering the large number of cryptos present in the market, a multi-currency wallet expands your trading capacity.

Delete Duplicate Payments

It will prevent you from making duplicate payments for the same coin as there is so much variety in the cryptosphere.


Automatic Session Logout

Keeping security as a top priority, each session logs out automatically, ensuring that all transactions are secure every time.

KYC Module

With the KYC module, the cryptocurrency can exclusively stay off the inflation grid since the amount of virtual currency will not exceed a certain value.

Why BlockchainX ?

BlockchainX is a full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet development company that offers end-to-end cryptocurrency development services to businesses of all sizes. We have a team of dedicated cryptocurrency developers who can handle even the most complex projects with ease. Choose our cryptocurrency development company today and prepare to experience rapid growth.


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