Why Invest In NFT Marketplace Development?


NFTs have earned true utility and they are explored in almost every sector. With BlockchainX as your NFT marketplace development company, you can render an effective and efficient trading experience and establish on a global scale.

Look At BlockchainX’s NFT Marketplace Demo

User Demo

  • Buy NFTs
  • Bid NFTs
  • Sell NFTs
  • Buy Token
  • Trending Collections

Partner Demo

  • Create Collection/NFT
  • Bulk Mint NFTs
  • Sell NFTs
  • Airdrop NFTs
  • NFT Sale Analytics


  • Fees and Royalty Settings
  • NFT Registry Management
  • NFT Sale Analytics
  • User and Partner Management
  • Blog Management
  • Site Settings

NFT Marketplace Workflow


List, Trade & Showcase .

All-in-one NFT Marketplace Platform


Verified Partners can only create NFTs which needs to be approved by admin in the NFT Registry.

BX's NFT Marketplace supports all EVM chains like Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, AVAX, Fantom etc

The NFT marketplace is decentralized and all the NFT related flows works with the smart contracts. Hence it is very secure.

The marketplace UI is completely customizable and changed according to your unique design.

The tech stack of the marketplace is on MEAN Stack and it is highly flexible for customisations/adding new features.

Types of NFT Purchase Methods

NFTs can be purchased in one of these two convenient methods.

NFT Purchase

The value of the asset will be determined in the NFT marketplace. Interested buyers can simply claim the asset ownership for its value.

NFT Purchase

Bid and Timed Bid

Here the base price of the asset will be given for the users to bid on the asset in a limited time. When the timer hits zero, the buyer who claimed the highest value gets its ownership.

Bid and Timed Bid

Sell Flow .

Interaction flow chart

Unique feature

Exclusive Facility .

NFT Launchpad In An NFT Marketplace

As an NFT founder, you may be wondering how to raise seed funds for your project. As your NFT marketplace development company, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re trying to create an exclusive platform for your gaming project or a public platform like OpenSea, sell your NFT idea as a collection on the built-in NFT Launchpad’s private sale even before minting a single NFT.

Generate & Market .

Mint in Bulk, Send in Bulk

Our NFT marketplace allows you to mint thousands of NFTs in a single go and you can also airdrop them to as many participants as you want. Build a lucrative and highly feature-rich platform with ouer NFT marketplace development services.

Bulk minte

Sustainable Options .

USDT or USDC or FIAT Interactions

Ease of use is your best friend when it comes to crafting superior customer experiences. With our NFT marketplace development services, allow users to seamlessly buy crypto on your platform using Debit & Credit cards through our Fiat on-ramp, powered by Xanpool & Wyre.

NFT Marketplace.

Varied Development Solutions In Varied Fields

NFT Marketplace Common Features


Royalty Settings


Admin Platform Fee




Admin NFT Registry


Trending Collections/NFTs


Multiple Wallet Connects


Bid/Price History Chart


KYC/AML Verification

Admin Revenue Streams



Royalty Fee

Earn a percentage in royalties every time someone sells and resells NFTs on the marketplace.



Project Promotions

You can generate consistent revenue by renting out ad spaces anywhere on your NFT marketplace.



New Partner Onboarding Fee

For exclusive NFT projects, change an onboarding fee from users looking to become a platform partner.


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