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What is NFT Staking?

NFTs are the supreme verticals of the mainstream crypto and have emerged as the genre of success in the digital world. NFTs have been revolutionizing the digital world for the past few years, and NFT projects are exploding millions of dollars in profits. People who used to save and invest money are now reaping multiple investment returns by turning their full attention to digital currencies and NFTs. NFTs convert digital assets into tokens and trade them on the blockchain.

NFT staking hits the NFT market as a vogue. Apart from trading, staking helps to earn passive income. It grabs more people's attention. In NFT staking, people can lock their NFTs in the blockchain network to receive rewards depending on the staking period. Staking allows NFT users to earn huge returns while maintaining their digital NFT assets.

Look At BlockchainX’s NFT Staking Demo

User Demo

  • Stake NFTs
  • Reward Display
  • Multiple Pools
  • Multiple Collections
  • Claim Reward


  • Create Pool
  • Reward Rate
  • Start & End Time
  • Cancel Pool
  • Set Reward Token

Features Of the NFT Staking Platform

Compatible User Interface/ Congenial User Interface

The user interface is a hotshot for users' interest and keeps them invested in your platform. We customize your UI/UX to add more uniqueness to your platform.

Security & Firewalls

Our NFT staking platform uses defense-grade protocols and firewalls. The platform is designed for optimal safety and asset security.

Exclusive Add-Ons

NFT's stacking platform delivers possibilities for special add-ons. Add-ons for growth hacking and speed-boosting apps are included to enhance clients' platforms.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts will be deployed in our NFT staking methods to fully automate the platform while enhancing the zero-trust protection architecture.

Staking Infrastructure

The NFT staking platform is equipped with a cloud arrangement so that the staking processes run smoothly. Wallets and essential APIs are integrated into the API NFT staking platform.

Returns Assessment

The platform has a reward calculator procedure that estimates the worth of share tokens based on inflation rate or royalties. It figures reward fees for stakes.

NFT Staking Advantages

Defi staking software


The NFT staking platform will present different advantages or rewards based on the periodic payment of NFT investments put on the platform.

Defi staking software


The NFT staking platform presents airdrops, in which a slight quantity of tokens are sent to wallet addresses and extra tokens are awarded to NFT holders.

Defi staking software


The NFT staking platform is available to the populace and this exposure boosts conviction and trust between the owner and users of the platform.

Defi staking software


As long as the NFT is staked on the staking platform, the NFT staking user obtains constant bonuses.

Defi staking software

Voting Rights

NFT staking presents stakes with the benefit of pushing conclusions concerning the medium they stake on.

Defi staking software

Growth in Holdings

The NFT staking platform permits acquisition where users' holdings can be improved with the tiniest action and resources.

Our Process

How our NFT staking platform development works

Requirement & Project Analysis

Our consultant extensively collects your requirements keeping in mind the scale of your project and tokenomics.

Niche Selection

We help you figure our where and how your staking platform could help users connect with your project easily.

Blockchain Network

We also help you choose the right blockchain network to deploy on, if your staking campaign is a standalone project.

Prototype Creation

In this stage, we create an overall prototype of your staking platform before moving on the core designs.

UX/UI Design

This is where the entire platform takes shape visually and we create a high-fidelity prototype for the platform.

Smart Contract Development

Our solution is completely decentralized, and the backend is powered by a strong smart contract tailored to your project.

Testing Product

We conduct a thorough internal audit and testing process, with the smart contracts deployed on the tesnet for UAT.


Here, we deploy the smart contracts on the mainnet, connect the frontend with the smart contracts, and transfer the ownership to you.

NFT Staking Website Development on Various Blockchain



We make a visible difference and we make certain that you see a value from your investment.


Binance Smart Chain

We create products that are tailored to your target audience. A well-planned roadmap ensures smooth and rapid development and deployment.

Comprehensive support


Our work does not end with the release of the product. We offer comprehensive post-delivery services so you can focus on your growth.

Comprehensive support


We have experts who can help you fine-tune your offering, recommend the best technology approach, and even set up communities.



We create products that are tailored to your target audience. A well-planned roadmap ensures smooth and rapid development and deployment.

Why NFT Staking Is The Future


Investor Enticement

Launching a staking campaign help your promote your project and create excitement amongst investors.


High Liquidity & Utility

You can create utility of your token and NFT, attract more liquidity to your project, and much more with an NFT staking platform.


Revenue Stream

You can charge a deposit fee or withdrawal fee to generate an additional source of income for your project.


Cost Savings

Our ready-made NFT staking solution allows you to easily launch your staking campaign quickly and affordably.

Our NFT Staking Platform Development Capabilities

Security tools

Dapp Security

Our process starts by designing the architecture around security and transparency on the blockchain.

Smart contracts

Smart Contracts

Our staking platform is a DeFi solutions, which is why we have built an internally audited and tested smart contract fo quick deployment.


Ul development

We develop user-centric UI/UX designs, focusing on elevating user experience and maximizing user-retention.

KYC integration

Multi Wallet Integration

We can integrate any web3 wallet into the platform so that your users have a seamless experience.

Digital wallet integration

User-Acceptance Testing

We deploy your Dapp on the testne first so that you can use and make sure that everything is suited to your expectation.

Deployment and launch

Deployment and Launch

We can deploy the staking platform to any EVM-based blockchain with ownership of the smart contracts transferred to you.

See NFT Staking in Action

Completely customizable UI design tailored to your project

Our NFT Staking Platform Demo

Try out our demo for hands-on experience. Our platform is fully-customizable and we can tailor it to your project.

Token Staking Dapp

Locked Staking

Allow users to take tokens for fixed tenures to earn a percentage yield. This helps prevent early reward sell-offs and supports your tokenomics

Flexible Staking

This kind of staking enables users to stake and unstake, whenever they want when the staking pools are active. Perfect for short-term project.

Whitelist / Blacklist

Sometimes, you may want to block bad actors from staking or enable only community access. Whitelist/Blacklist to enable/disable wallet addresses.

Reward in Tokens

Issue staking rewards in your own project tokens. This incentivizes users to hold your project tokens rather than liquidate them for a quick cash-out.

APR % Configuration

Your staking platform is completely unders your control. Manage your token’s inflation in the market by configuring the reward rate (APR), easily.


Why Choose BlockchainX?

We are a blockchain development company with 5+ years of hands-on experience building scalable solutions for various projects. Our capabilities are vast, ranging basic token development to full-scale Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchain development.



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