Varied Solana Blockchain Development Services


Solana Blockchain Consulting

As a part of Solana consulting services, we help enterprises jot their role in the market and help them curate avant-grade solutions benefiting business and the world in the Solana network.


DApp Development

Our development services are customized and we almost develop Dapps in any blockchain network. Meanwhile, we help you curate extraordinary applications on the Solana blockchain based on your custom choices.


NFT Marketplace

Customized and reliable NFT trading space, we deploy completely unique and safe NFT marketplaces on the Solana blockchain allowing creators and your token project to scale up in the competitive market.


SPL Token Development

We create new Solona Program Library tokens, a secured, expedited token development method with the ability to exchange these tokens in DEX and empower Solana Dapps.


Exchange Integration

Employing the unique Solana protocol - Serum, we help you integrate the Solana Exchange system into your platform. Allowing cross-chain swapping wit optimal order processing in the application.


Wallet Development

We extend both we and mobile wallet development services for all blockchain networks. With an integrated payment solution, your wallets are safe, secure, and abides by the regulation.


Node Development and Maintenance

ERC827 is one of the latest upgrades to ERC20 and implements many improvements. One of them being that you can now transact not only values but also data.We help you build and launch nodes on the Solana mainnet. Thus you could become a validator and facilitate your contribution to the network security and help you earn SOL.


Smart Contract Development and Audit

Our experienced developers create valid and functional smart contracts with Rust and C++ programming languages. This allows users to carry out their business contracts more viable, safely, and in a trusted manner.


Defi Development

We render scalable and reliable Defi solutions on the Solana blockchain, for P2P, decentralized lending, making crypto payments, and DEXs we integrate every possible feature in your platform.

Working Of Solana Blockchain Network


PoS Consensus

Proof of Stake mechanism - a key feature of the network is backed by timer consensus and its variant is Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, which allows reaching to consensus rather than being attacked. The PBFT renders global source time through PoH facilitating the introduction to the before events.


Tower Consensus

The synchronized clock, the Tower consensus mechanism basically reduces the power process to validate the transaction by eliminating the need to timestamp the previous transactions. Helping Solana beat the competition.



Collaborating number of innovations, helps Solana stand out from the competition and Sealevel is one of them. It's a transaction parallelization technology allowing a parallel smart contract execution in the environment optimizing the resources and ensuring Solana’s horizontal scalability in the SSDs.


Benefits Of Choosing Solana Blockchain Development Services

The Solana network implies the Proof-of-Stake mechanism that synchronizes the transaction order with timestamps solving the issue.

With the ability to support over 50,000 transactions per second, the network is scalable and reliable.

The Solana application run on the validator's approval and is secured. Its a completely permissionless space despite the minimum software requirements.

Different Industries we Work With



With the travel industry at its peak the market, infusing blockchain technology can make things easy, transparent, and remunerative at the same time.



The sector which requires great security and is also expected to have transparency. With Blockchain influences, the industry can be made more functional.



In order to track and locate shipments, the technology is widely supported in the market. And its advantages can be tracked down to yield better efficiency.



The Education system needs to be empowered with the technological trend and improvements to create the future generation with the abilities of the world.



With a highly monetizing market, Real estate is at its peak, infusing the abilities of web3 and decentralization in their operation can double its streams.



Yields better income and reproduces a lively experience in the hands of the users, Gaming with blockchain technology takes the industry to new heights.



To bind security and transparency in the telecommunication sector one can simply gain it with blockchain infusions that are breeding better opportunities.



Healthcare with technological improvement can make things better and easy. Blockchain infusions get their operations to the next level with wide opportunities.



Entertainment is a part and parcel of every block of life. With web3 infusion, the user can experience better things more advance than reality.

Choose BlockchainX As Your Solana Developers

We are trained, experienced Blockchain developers with expertise in SDKs and frameworks. Our in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem gets us through the process well and helps you customize better. Hiring us as your Solana blockchain development company we help you launch scalable and highly efficient platforms supporting your business. A one-stop spot for all your web3 requirements, we render complete services.


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