Why Should You Consider Liquid Staking Platform Development

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If you’re staking pool owner that wants to expand your pool to new users, a liquid staking platform is the perfect solution for you. Liquid staking platforms are also a great choice if you’re a startup founder who wants to launch a DeFi platform that attracts a lot of user attention. These platforms allow users to stake their tokens and contribute to PoS staking while also being able to liquidate their stakes through a synthetic token that represents the original asset. You, as the platform owner, get access to more liquidity without having to source large amounts of native coins yourself,

Various Blockchain Services We Provide Here

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

We help you ideate, plan, and develop robust liquid staking solutions that can work flawlessly in demanding market conditions.

Token Development

Token Development

Build secure smart contracts that work seamlessly with your liquid staking platform with the help of our expert team of developers.

Multi Blockchain Integration

Staking Platform

Launch your own staking campaign and allow users to restake their synthetic assets and earn rewards in your platform tokens.

Decentralized Exchange

DAO Development

Build a democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and let the community govern your project.

DEX Consultation

Governance Token

Launch a robust governance token that gives its holders voting rights inside your Liquid Staking DAO through our liquid staking platform development.

Audited Smart Contract

Cross-Chain Bridge

Take your liquid staking platform cross-chain with our prebuilt bridging dApp and capitalize on multiple blockchain communities.

Why Choose BlockchainX For Liquid Staking Platform Development?

Building any Web3 platform takes a lot of precision and experience. Launching a liquid staking platform that handles millions of dollars in user funds takes expertise. Our experienced architects and expert consultants are fully-equipped to take you through the process of launching your liquid staking platform. Leverage our team of 100+ passionate professionals and boost your entry into the Web3 space with BlockchainX.

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Liquid Staking works by allowing users to stake native tokens of a blockchain on your platform, and these native tokens are then contributed to PoS protocols. Users are issued a synthetic token representing their staking on your platform, and they can use these tokens to engage in other DeFi activities. These tokens are issued at a 1:1 ration. Users can redeem their original stake plus interest by relinquishing the synthetic token back to your platform.

A Liquid Staking Platform can take anywhere from 3-4 months to code, test, and launch on the Mainnet. We expedite this process by using our prebuilt and pre-audited smart contracts.

There are a few ways you can earn from your Liquid Staking platform. In Liquid Staking, you pool user funds and stake them on PoS blockchain nodes to earn staking rewards. You can issue a portion of this interest to users and keep a profit to yourself. You can also charge users a deposit or withdrawal fee from their rewards as a platform fee.

You can launch a Liquid Staking platform on any blockchain that works on Proof-of-Stake.

The cost for developing a Liquid Staking Platform depends on several factors such as the number of chains, complexity of the staking campaigns, etc. You can connect with one of our experts to get started.


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