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A featured packed white label crowdfunding software solution backed by high-end, new technologies.


The global market is widening its abilities with the hustle of digitalization. With the increasing openings in the crypto sector, the need for funding is eventually high. To resolve this need our Crowdfunding software solution can help you in a variety of ways. Choosing us to develop your Crowdfunding software, we render customized solutions to meet the market requirements and also incorporate new trending abilities that easily invite investors to the platform and also contribute to raising funds for the crypto project.

Your quick start to the crowdfunding business


Local community fundraising

Through this crowdfunding script, we help you raise your successful local crowdfunding platform for your crypto business. From attracting new investors, holding them tight, and yielding good investments for crypto projects, this platform shall stay fit.


Product or service-based fundraising

Products and service-based fundraising a key for a lot of investors as this hailed a way to avail the service via the crowdfunding platform through their campaigns. A multi-profitable solution helping businesses and startups grow mutually in the blockchain business.

NGO & Charity-fundraising

NGO & Charity fundraising

BlockchainX Crowdfunding software solution is not only commercially helping businesses, but also this module supports NGOs and charities to raise funds for their beneficiaries. Supported by blockchain and smart contracts these are also a prove and help investors make claims easily.


Large-sized enterprise crowdfunding

Apart from start-up businesses, this platform shall be the best source for other large-scale businesses to pull in investments in terms of their operational requirements. This crowdfunding platform empowers you and invites large-scale businesses to trust in you.


Real Estate Fundraising

The possibilities in real estate crowdfunding yield huge traction. Without huge investments for your real estate crypto business, the platforms are empowered in yielding good funding from the investments. Eventually helps in the growth of your business and the users.


Lending Crowdfunding

This module is very similar to availing loans from financial institutions. Bringing this into your Crowdfunding platform emphasizes secured loan issues and management, allowing budding entrepreneurs to yield and breed further.

Top Features for Users

Equity crowdfunding software

Extensive abilities like creating new campaign models, managing and monitoring users, and regulating the platform happenings.

Our crypto-powered crowdfunding software helps users with flexible payment options and accepts a wide range of crypto and fiat.

Blockchain is the powerhouse, and our crowdfunding module ensures it is the most secure and safest system for meeting funding requirements.

The exclusive analysis mechanism is fed in to fetch the progress of the campaign and help the business alter its strategies or stay still.

Our alert system keeps both the admin and the users relevant to the platform happening and the project campaigns well updated.

Crowdfunding Features


Crypto powered crowdfunding

Our crypto-powered crowdfunding platform facilitates users with multiple options like investments, donations, crypto purchases, and more.


Accepting All Crypto Payments

Our blockchain Powered Crowdfunding platform accepts payments with all conventional methods and also accepts any crypto payments.



Proving ad spaces, the crowdfunding platform developed with us facilitates additional revenue via the website for the business.

Admin Dashboard Features


Campaign management

Create multiple campaigns within the platform for businesses and user to vitalize and grow


Social media interaction

With social media interaction, the crowd funding platform can bring spotlight for the campaigns


Dynamic service fees

Setting dynamic service fees based on campaign requirements helps users make better choices


User management

Eases user management directly from the admin dashboard in the crowdfunding platform, making it safe.


Multiple Currencies

With abilities to manage huge amounts of currency, the platform is immune to multi-currency trading.


Media gallery

Networking space for users to showcase their Campaign related news, and posts and manage their gallery

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Our Products

Initiate effortless crowdfunding schemes for your users.

Campaign management space

Help your users effectively streamline and captivate audience interest all in one.

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Stream investment with Portfolio

With the right space to showcase increased user opportunities to gain vast investments.

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