What Is Modular Blockchain Development?

Modular Blockchain Development

An upgraded version of the monolithic blockchain model, Modular Blockchain development introduces the multi-layer architecture that divides each primary task into specialized functions where they are assigned in different layers. This is comparatively the most scalable, customizable, and efficient system without compromising on decentralization or security.

  • Asset-based tokens have high liquidity
  • Secured to amplify in the marriage.
  • Decentralized solution with immutable ledger
  • Maximized returns

Working Mechanism Of Modular Blockchain Development



This involves processing the transactions in the system and ensuring everything is recorded.



The next is the settlement that secures the transaction’s destination and ensures it reaches there.



The consensus mechanism validates the transaction's authenticity in the process of Modular Blockchain

Asset-backed token Wallet

Data Availability

Data availability is the storage space of transaction data allowing flexibility, and efficiency.

Choose BlockchainX For Your Modular Blockchain Solution

BlockchainX is an experienced blockchain development company with a progressive market. We are keen on upgrading and implementing new techniques in the process. We kept learning and experimenting which gave a lot of opportunities to collaborate and innovate in the web3 spaces. Our modular blockchain development services are also customized and knitted for you and your requirements. We cater to the utmost perfection needs of your project in a pitch-perfect manner.

Modular Blockchain Solution


A transformation from a monolithic approach to multiple layered blockchain for each functionality is a Modular Blockchain making the operations more convenient and scalable.

The cost of developing your modular blockchain depends on the customization and advanced functionalities you require.

We at Blockchain develop customized blockchain solutions with decentralized properties. From Token development, NFT marketplace development, DeFi platforms, and more.

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