What is a Token Migration platform?

You want to add a few extra upgrades to your token or maybe you want to fix a few bugs. But your token is already on the blockchain and people are trading it. Now, what do you do? It’s easy, our token migration smart contract is exactly what you need. With our fully white-label token migration platform development, you can create a web page where users can easily connect their web3 wallets and swap their old tokens for the new tokens.


Advantages of Token Migration platform

Our token migration platform allows you to quickly upgrade your old token contract with the new token contract. This process is for projects that either want to add new features to their existing tokens or for projects that want to fix smart contract vulnerabilities in their tokens. The market is absolutely brutal and there is zero room for error. Once you lose the community’s trust, it’s next to impossible to get your project up and running again. With token migration platform development, you can easily gain your community’s trust and mitigate code issues in your smart contract.

Token Migration Platform Demo

Workflow Process

Token integration

Our team customized the migration contract for your token.

Quality analysis

The smart contract goes through extensive quality analisis.


The migration contract is deployed on the blockchain.

Front-end integration

The front-end website is integrated with the contract.

Wallet integration

Web3 wallets are integrated into the website.


Admin deposits new tokens, and it’s done!

Token Migration blockchain
networks we work on


Frequently asked questions

Our token migration platform uses a smart contract to swap your old tokens with the new one. You only pay gas fees for deploying the smart contract, the migration happens completely on the user’s side.

The migration process is seamless. Users connect their web3 wallets such as metamask, choose how many tokens they want to migrate, and hit “Migrate.” After they pay the transaction gas fee, their old tokens are swapped for the new token just as simple as doing a DEX transaction.

Our token migration platform supports any blockchain that runs on EVM. This includes Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and TRON.

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