Mario video games in the year 1981 became very famous among the game lovers by the name of Jumpman. In today’s world the Donkey Kong became popular globally and is considered as one of the most favourite games of the Nintendo lovers. In fact, the game underwent many upgrades. Computer graphics have really won the hearts of millions.

Graphics has gone beyond just technological advancements. With the growth of the smartphone culture, mobile gaming came into view. Users started playing their favourite games even if they are at work. A researcher working for a blockchain technology company has recently said that what can be better when you have your favourite game handy on your mobile phone. In the year 2018, Asia’s mobile gaming industry received an annual revenue of US$41.5 billion. Researchers claimed that the next step of the gaming industry revolves around blockchain technology. It is going to be far more profitable than what the industry has earned till date.

Blockchain technology can drive in profits for the industry

The gaming industry is not new to the blockchain technology but it is still at its elementary stage. There are various kinds of games built on the blockchain technology which are earning a good deal amount in the current market. CryptoKitties is the most famous and demanded game on the blockchain network. CryptoKitties is an authentic game which allows players to purchase, breed and deal in digital kittens with the help of cryptocurrency. The game was launched in October 2017 and only after three months, it earned a profit of US$12 million. The full version of the game wasn't kept live for more than a week.

In the blockchain technology, game developers are not the only person who can take advantage of the system. The players can also earn profits. The game CryptoKitties allowed players to encash their tokens by selling their kittens to other players. Once the number of kittens doubled in number the players can sell those to other players. Games such as this give away a place for the players to make money as well. Developers do not have the right to produce virtual money. Non-fungible tokens are authentic in its own nature. It is next to impossible to make an image of such tokens because they possess a unique address on the blockchain network.

How is technology beneficial to the gaming industry?

The game developers and the gamers are receiving vast advantages from the blockchain technology. The main problem with this technology is that there is a scarcity for unique circulation channels for the games stored in the network. Most of the games on the network are web games but a large number of gamers prefer playing their favourite games using their mobile phones. The main problem is that the Google Play and the Apple Store do not allow circulation of mobile games to the customers which are cryptocurrency in nature.

At the same time. The blockchain technology is still in its growing years. The fact must be forgotten that it is unable to support a vast amount of transactions. Web games can easily let users play heavily stored games. CryptoKitties made a sales of US$12 million and soon after the app crashed because it was unable to support so many users. Blockchain technology can be a disastrous place for non-crypto users. The user interface is not very pleasing. Moreover, only a small number of blockchain lovers are let inside the network. Using blockchain is not like flying a plane. Its something like the PayPal while logging in. If you want to transact a certain amount then you require typing the person’s email id and it is done.

How to overcome the challenges of blockchain technology for the gaming sector?

Disadvantages are higher than advantages within the blockchain network. Giving up hope is not the perfect solution. Yes, it is difficult for the blockchain technology to support high highly interactive games. Axie Infinity a game almost same as the CryptoKitties has a lot more to discover and improve. People said that the blockchain technology is not speedy enough to play a game. Axie Infinity proved the statement wrong. In fact, it is a far more interactive game when compared with CryptoKitties. Game developers are trying their best to build games that go hand in hand with the blockchain technology. TomoChain has newly introduced TomoZ into the market that will permit users to adopt decentralized applications. This can be done without having to purchase ETH or TOMO. Tomo X is another kind of a protocol which allows gamers to deal in assets across various types of games. The best thing about the TomoChain network is that you do not require a third party.

The network came into existence by the end of 2018 and now it has started to draw the attention of various game developers. It is not mandatory for them to know the blockchain technology. The main aim of the network is to build a platform for gamers where they can play safe and secured.

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