Top 10 Real Estate Tokenization Companies

Top 10 Real Estate Tokenization Companies

Tokenization of real estate refers to the conversion of digital assets right into a shape that makes it simple for corporations to purchase, promote, and exchange them. By leveraging blockchain technology to provide access to cryptocurrency assets, real estate tokenization companies transform the trading industry.

A legitimate and honest real estate tokenization agency is turning into increasingly in demand as this technology develops. Here's the list of the top 10 real estate tokenization companies that can be anticipated to rule the marketplace:

Real estate tokenization


BlockchainX is a famous commercial enterprise that specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency development. By adopting a standard method and offering a high-quality service, BlockchainX provides real estate companies with Blockchain based tokenization.

Apart from having a verified track record in real estate tokenization, BlockchainX team has great mission control skills. They assist tech marketers and startups in developing decentralized, scalable initiatives. With the support of tech architects, smart contract developers, and project managers, they make ideas come to reality.

The Vegavid Technology

Using the possibilities of the latest blockchain solutions, Vegavid Technology is a shining star in the real estate tokenization space. The tokenization of real estate property is changing because of their determination to technological innovation.

Vegavid is one of the leading player in changing the conventional real estate investment scene by combining blockchain strategies with their knowledge. Their user-friendly solutions empower property owners and traders in their real estate business. With its simple interfaces, Vegavid gives investors unmatched access to possibilities within the real estate marketplace.

Also, the way in which they expedite the tokenization process demonstrates their commitment to speed and transparency. This makes certain that investors are treated fairly with more democratic investment environment.

Lime Up

Property tokenization solutions for business globally are one of the Lime Up's most important areas of attention. They are also an award-winning real estate tokenization organisation. The agency's real estate tokenization offerings consist of the development of tokens for residential and commercial property, branding, and UI/UX design for real estate corporations.

Lime Up developed mobile and internet applications because Blokch gave it the responsibility to do so. Fantastic adaptability is a feature of the latter that has a good user interface and excellent layout.

Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions is in this listing because of its track record in blockchain development. They also offer dedicated real estate tokenization services. Real estate tokenization is a primary area of service by Antier Solutions, a top provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency development offerings.

Customers can gain from smart contracts, safe, private facts, less difficulty in inventory monitoring, and other features while using their Blockchain. The company also uses a design-based work method that consists of four steps:

Assessing requirements and making an early model of what is needed Finding answers Adding partners Develop a Blockchain community.

They are a one-stop shop for all real estate tokenization desires, with a complete range of offerings starting from token improvement to investor onboarding.

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Blockchain App Factory

Among the industry's pioneers and several award-winning real estate tokenization solutions, Blockchain App Factory offers a wide range of end-to-end Blockchain-based total development and marketing.

Known for its innovative solutions, the Blockchain App Factory is among the top providers in the global real estate tokenization area. Blockchain specialists in Blockchain App Factory offer one-to-one real estate tokenization services that can be customized according to the needs.

The enterprise is proficient in developing secure and reliable systems. Based on the wishes of its customers, the Blockchain App Factory creates real estate tokens at the blockchain network.


Technoloader Pvt Ltd. is a distinguished real estate developer that enjoys a 95% client retention charge, making it a reliable international companion for agencies across the globe. Solutions for business, residential, and asset tokenization platforms are offered by Technoloader Pvt Ltd.

High volume liquidity, internationalization, high security, and easy control would assist the customers. Customers get the chance to effectively exchange and tokenize their property. When a customer gets an already-made platform, the work system ends with token technology.

It begins with the actualization of criteria. Their progressive strategies enhance accessibility and also transform accepted practices within the discipline, creating a brand new generation of digital and easily available funding possibilities for the real estate market.


Designed to connect property dealers with the worldwide cryptocurrency marketplace, Inoru leads in tokenizing of real estate. To facilitate transactions within the real estate token environment, Inoru has created its own cryptocurrency token, known as the RNTB token.

By including RFID tags to important structures, the platform makes it viable to track the development. Then, traders involved in real estate deals can access real-time updates with the data saved in smart contracts.

The commercial enterprise offers customers a reliable environment for real estate funding. This is done by prioritizing protection and innovation. So, tokenization for real estate stakeholders is made easy with INORU's solutions.


SoluLab is a trusted blockchain-focused IT solutions organization. They are particularly famous for their skills in real estate tokenization services. Businesses trying to tokenize their real estate property assets might also take advantage of the business full solution. This allows the business in every step of the way from ideation to launch and also the after service solution.

Their core sectors include retail estate services, control inventory, creating HOT wallets, making smart contracts, creating KYC, creating digital marketing, and much more. Their service offering includes deal structuring, tokenization platform improvement, and post-release support.

The engineers at SoluLab are incredible at developing safe, powerful, smart contracts that comply with relevant laws.


Offering expert solutions in real estate tokenization, Appdupe is a newly set up provider of IT solutions offering best in service in the market. The enterprise offers comprehensive solutions for marketing and post-token launch activities.

They also have experience in arranging and closing real estate transactions to reinforce your business endeavor. Appdupe is well-known as a leading real estate tokenization provider by using specialized services catered to each customer's unique business needs.

Playable Deals allows for buying, selling, and exchanging virtual houses and other assets, for instance, lands or homes. They give such products based on gamification and Blockchain technology.

Start your RWA tokenization journey with BlockchainX experts.


Propy is a popular niche real estate tokenization platform. They focus mostly on luxurious and residential real estate. They assist customers in taking advantage of the benefits of real estate tokenization.

Propy have embraced the quick advancement of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with vigor. The platform's escrow mechanism makes contract completion and transaction administration easier. Their core offerings offer lots of advantages including NFT markets and MetaAgents.

Final thoughts

Now, you might be aware of the top real estate tokenization companies you can look for. Each of these agencies offer a wonderful set of skills and bring knowledge to the table. They assist the real estate sector to strengthen through the usage of blockchain technology.

With their innovative solutions they help in blockchain adoption within the real estate enterprise. These businesses have the potential to impact the ever-evolving real estate tokenization landscape. As the real estate tokenization marketplace grows, these agencies will probably be essential in setting up the standards and best practices.

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