Cryptocurrency launchpad development?


BlockchainX is a prominent crypto launchpad development company that provides white-label crypto launchpad development services. We assist you in building an ecosystem for crypto startups that strive to raise funds for your businesses. Our experts create & implement cutting-edge solutions to protect your platform from scams and fraud. We have a blockchain expertise team that is dedicated to providing high-quality services that meet your business goals.

Token Launchpad Development Demo

Get started with your Launchpad like pinksale development instantly with our predeveloped BX Launchpad Product!

Top Features:

  • Multiple Admin revenue streams - % from project launch pools, % from emergency withdrawals, one time platform fee on project creation.
  • Securely works with smart contract
  • Multiple sale rounds management
  • Presale/Private sale
  • Sale Timer control
  • Blacklist/Whitelist wallet addresses

Most Needed Features Of IDO Launchpad Platform


Native Tokens


KYC Compliance


Investor Pools


Multi-layer Staking


Fundraising Models


Integrated Wallet

Native Tokens

We help you choose between blockchain tokens & native tokens that are unique to your platform & offer staking rewards to investors when they invest in listed IDOs.

KYC Compliance

To make sure that your platform runs smoothly, our platform integrates KYC/AML modules to ensure that each user acts with good intentions.

Investor Pools

The platform has automatic liquidity pool features that allow investors to invest in liquidity pools, stake native tokens & grow their market cap.

Multi-layer Staking

Our IDO launchpad enables you to categorize investors using multi-level staking modules, ensuring that investors get profit based on merit & involvement.

Fundraising Models

The platform is intended to support the IDO fundraising model by allowing project owners to generate funds based on their needs through decentralized exchanges.

Integrated Wallet

Users of the IDO launchpad can store and exchange native tokens and IDO-based assets using the platform's digital wallet.

Our advanced features for your launchpad


Quick Token Allocation

Our quick token allocation responds faster on IDO launchpad platform whenever the platform opens a sale. Tokens are allocated to investors based on their investments.


Wallet integration

Our platform has a wallet integration that enables users to receive tokens from various projects of their choice.


Multi-Tiered stacking module

Administrators can create multiple tiers for investors, allowing them to participate in funding rounds based on the staking platform, using our Launchpad.


KYC Compliance

KYC Compliance allows the owner to accept the user's identity proof before granting them access to use the platform.

Launchpad Development workflow

To shape the integration of your ideas, our expertise uses a tried and true method. Our results are certain & impressive and our approach is unique. Our Launchpad development workflow consists of several sequential steps, which are detailed below.


This stage includes a product workshop during which we gather requirements and our consultants fine-tune your vision before finalizing your final product.

UI/UX Design

The next stage is to design the UI with the appropriate UX to ensure that your platform is branded for your business and that users can easily use it.

Product Development

This stage includes smart contract development, front-end development, and web3 development to ensure the project is functional and scalable.

Testing & QA

A robust decentralized application necessitates a dedicated QA and testing team to put it through different tests for various scenarios.


This is the stage at which we deploy the smart contracts on the blockchain testnet, integrate the front end, and integrate Web3 wallets.

User-Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We first deploy everything on the testnet and then hand over the platform for testing. We will deploy it on the mainnet once you are satisfied.

Benefits of launchpad development


IDOs use DEXs to provide immediate liquidity to liquidity pool providers by rewarding them with cryptocurrencies & reducing slippage.

An investor can buy an IDO token as soon as it becomes available & allow them to buy the token at a low cost & sell it at a profit in instant trading.

IDO launchpad platforms offer cost-effective token sales and listings, making it much easier for business startups to raise funds.

Every user has an equal opportunity to buy tokens in an IDO, regardless of whether they are a small-time trader or a huge short.

It offers a transparent decentralized fundraising approach where anybody can see the results of the IDO token, the startup list, and so on.


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