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As a blockchain development company, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs and businesses around the world build robust blockchain solutions for 5+ years. Our blockchain development services include everything you need to launch a project, from Consulting & Dapp development to listing on exchanges. We’re on our way to BUIDLing the biggest community of blockchain enthusiasts and visionaries, and facilitating blockchain adoption the way it matters.

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Build your project on the completely decentralized and secure Ethereum blockchains with smart contracts crafted by experts

Binance Smart Chain

Let your users save up on gas fees and build your project on Binance Smart Chain, supported by platforms such as Binance and PancakeSwap.

Polygon Network

Get the security of Ethereum with fast and low-cost transaction speeds with the Polygon Network, compatible with Solidity contracts.


This platform is the popular choice with Fintech/DeFi community with high transaction speeds and low transaction costs.


The blockchain network is very popular with the DeFi and gaming community, also supporting Solidity smart contacts.


Connect with the Polkadot ecosystem and build your token or dapp on the Moonbeam blockchain, completely compatible with EVM.


This platform is the sister blockchain of Moonbeam, connected to the canary network of Polkadot, Kusama.


A very innovative Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol with dirt-cheap gas fees and high transaction speeds, popular with the DeFi community.


If you plan on exploring the Crypto.com universe, consider building your next DeFi project on the CRONOS blockchain.

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It always feels amazing when our hard work is recognized. Our purpose has always been to make an impact on the world, in a way that actually changes human lives for the better. We began our journey into enterprise blockchain development through our food delivery product Eatzilla, recognized by the Linux Foundation as the world’s first blockchain-based delivery system.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

The silver-lining of Blockchain is that it not limited to cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. A mild touch is all it requires to be incorporated in a variety of industries.

Why Blockchain Development is the Go-to Solution

Building applications on Blockchain has several advantages for your business.


Why Choose BlockchainX as your Blockchain Development Company

Expert Consultants

We provide you with industry-leading experts to light the way. Each project starts with a discovery workshop with one of our blockchain consultants who will listen to what you want and tell you how you can make it happen. Apart from planning the project in our blockchain development services, we’ll also give you access to our tokenomics team where one of our specialists will help you design the complete token economics for your project.

Experienced Architects

We will dedicate a blockchain architect to your project and they will oversee the whole project from smart contracts to the entire architecture. The major issue you could face with any blockchain project is scalability. Since blockchains are immutable, poor architecture design could cripple your entire project. Our architects are trained and experienced inside the industry and will be in constant contact with you from end to end.

Efficient Project Managers

An open line of communication and a person to facilitate that is one of the major qualities of a good project. We allocate a dedicated project manager for your project who will be in constant communication with you throughout the development process and provide you with constant updates.

Expert Developers

We work with multiple tech stacks and suggest a possible plan of action depending on the kind of project you have. Additionally, we dedicate an entire team of developers just to your project as a part of our blockchain development services. All smart contracts are internally tested before we deliver them for User-Acceptance Testing (UAT) and we only deploy on the mainnet once you complete the UAT.

Hire Our Blockchain Developers

  • Best blockchain developers
  • Reduce cost by creating unique digital assets
  • Experienced developers charging by the hour

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We are always asked a lot of questions which we are happy to answer at any time. Here are some Blockchain-related questions that have been asked times innumerable.

Of all the benefits of Blockchain Development, two have been spearheading its growth. First, the data security and integrity; and the second, low operational costs.

To find the right Blockchain Development Company, you have to ask a lot of questions. Since when a company has been working under than domain, project development models, cost structure, the expertise of the company, expertise of their developers, their portfolio, and above all, what they bring to your product.

Since Blockchain is a data structure, it can be used in various industries for the security of data. Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, Digital Identity, Supply chain, Logistics, Real Estate, Media, Government, and Automobiles are some of the industries we are working with for Blockchain Development

As a Blockchain Development Company, we are preferred in the industry for Hyperledgers, Stellar, Corda, EOS, TRON, Ethereum, and Hashgraph. We are also venturing into many other platforms and take up custom Blockchain Development Projects.

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