What is cryptocurrency launchpad development?

A cryptocurrency launchpad is a token sale platform where new crypto projects can sell their tokens to raise funds for their project. It's a great way for new crypto startups to raise seed funds for their projects. Unlike like traditional startup financing, you don’t have to give any equity to users who buy your tokens from the sale. Many projects out there are looking to raise funds for their project through launchpads as it’s quick, convenient, and cost-effective. As a launchpad platform owner, this puts you in a good position to build yourself as a brand and generate consistent revenue without directly being involved in other projects’ fundraising operations.

The features we provide in our launchpad


Launchpads are always among the most sought-after decentralized applications. Your launchpad will have the potential to help hundreds of projects raise funds for their operations.

Fund Raising
Top Fundraising Model

A token sale is a great fundraising model. Projects have to give 0% equity to investors and keep 100% ownership of their platforms. As a Launchpad startup, this can attract hundreds of projects to your platform daily.

Investment Opportunities

You can also charge platform fees as tokens from new projects. This means that you get a portion of their tokens from the sale pools and can hold on to the tokens. When these tokens increase in value, that adds to your profit.

Business Development
Business Development

Launchpads can position themselves as premium service providers in crypto funding and have the potential to create business relationships with leading projects in the crypto space. That, and great community support.

Automated Liquidity
Automated liquidity Pools

Our launchpad platform allows the projects you host to automatically add liquidity to DEXs when their sale ends. This means that the smart contract will add and lock the LP automatically so that users find the projects trustworthy.

launch support
Launch Support

Get the proper support from our team during launches. We also train your team to independently manage your Launchpad platform after deployment so that you can be in complete control of your business.

Our advanced features for your launchpad

Advanced Feature
Token Investment
Token Generation

Let projects create their own tokens using the launchpad’s built-in token generator. They can choose from multiple token types and token features.

Wallet Integration
Wallet Integration

Integrate any web3 wallet that supports EVM blockchains into your launchpad platforms and let users interact with your platform easily.

Multi-Tiered staking module

We can include a staking pool as an additional feature with multiple pools for a project. This lets you position yourself as a Stake-as-a-Service platform for better visibility.

KYC Compliance

Let projects build trust with investors by giving them a KYC badge on their token sale listings with an additional KYC module.

Benefits of launchpad development


Projects can easily raise comprehensive liquidity for their new token launches and minimize token volatility.

Instant Trading
Instant trading

Once a sale ends, the liquidity is automatically added to the DEX pool opted by the campaign project and tokens can start trading instantly.


Unlike centralized platforms, all you have to pay for is the initial development costs for your Launchpad. Our platform is decentralized and runs completely on Smart Contracts.

Fund Raising
Unbiased fundraising tool

DeFi Launchpads do not discriminate and allow any project to list their tokens on the platform and raise funds, with zero red tape.


With features such as KYC & Audit, your Launchpad startup can position itself as a standalone and credible brand.

Launchpad Development workflow


This stage involves a product discovery workshop where we gather the requirements and our consultants fine-tune your vision before finalizing the final product.

UI/UX Design

The next stage is the designing of the UI with the proper UX to make sure that your platform is branded to your business and that users can use your platform easily.

Product Development

This stage includes smart contract development, front-end development, and web3 integration into the front-end.

Testing & QA

A robust decentralized application requires a dedicated QA & testing team to put it through different tests for different scenarios.


This is where we deploy the smart contracts on the blockchain testnet, integrate the front-end, and integrate web3 wallets.

User-Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We deploy everything on the testnet first and give the platform to you for a trial run. Once you are happy with it, we deploy it on the Mainnet.

Launchpad Features List

Owner Features

Add user to Whitelist

Project Owners can whitelist users can allow them to access exclusive sale rounds.

User to Whitelist

The owner can also remove a user’s wallet address and can whitelist and they won’t be able to participate in the sale.

Enable/Disable whitelist

Project owners can enable and disable whitelisting features at any time.

Finalize Pool

The project owner can hit finalize to end a sale. The owner can then withdraw the funds to their wallet address and investors can claim their tokens using “Claim Token.”

Withdraw BNB/ETH

The project can use this function to withdraw the raised funds to their wallet address after finalizing the sale.


User Features


Investors can buy tokens using their web3 wallets directly from the sale listing page.

Withdraw the contribution

Just in case the sale is unsuccessful, users can withdraw their initial amount from the sale pool.

Emergency withdrawal

If a user decides to backout from their contribution before the sale ends, they can remove their contribution after deducting a penalty fee.

Claim Token

Once a token sale campaign ends, users can claim the tokens they have purchased using this button.

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