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Things to explore about the music NFT marketplace

Music NFTs drastically change the way of modern music in many ways. Musicians and artists are now selling and getting benefits from their pieces of artwork in NFT auctions rather than through traditional markets.

Music NFTs are a state-of-the-art pathway to success as an artist or a fan. It provides beneficiaries to both investors and creators. The music NFT marketplaces are the open spaces for such success. So, here arises the question what are these music NFTs? How does it work? And much more.

The focus goal of music NFTs is getting paid for artists and rewards for fans. But before we dive into this burgeoning blockchain music ecosystem, let's clear up some of the mysteries surrounding music NFTs. For that be fully aware of what these static music NFTs are all about. Without further ado let's get to the topic.

What are Music NFTs?

A non-fungible token is a digital asset that can be bought and sold on a blockchain. It is tied to a physical entity and represents the value of the entity in digital tokens/currency. Most NFTs in the market are for digital arts and games but also include a lively selection of music tracks, singles, albums, etc.

NFTs can apply in many fields and the music sector is one of them. Music NFTs are the new wave in the NFT category and can be bought, collected, sold, and shared. A key difference you should be aware of in music NFTs between buying a music track online and an NFT is ownership.

If you buy iTunes, you only get the right to listen to it, but when you buy music NFT, you get the ownership right along with the listening right. The additional benefit of buying musical NFTs is that you can sell them to third parties and earn money from them.

Types of Music NFTs

Different types of music NFT drops are discussed here, each with different levels of exclusivity.

1/1 (one of one) NFTs: NFTs issued as a single or unique item are called 1/1 or (one of one) NFTs. From this perspective, it is completely exclusive. Such NFTs are like real-life paintings, only one of which exists. Due to their rarity, 1/1s usually command a much higher price than regular NFT versions.

Open Edition: This is another type of NFT that can mint unlimited editions. However, don't confuse "open" with "unlimited". Many open editions are only available to the mint for set periods. After the time finishes, no new NFTs can be printed.

Limited Editions: A limited-edition NFT is limited to a predetermined number of versions. In other words, the limited number of NFTs available for minting are called limited editions. Many such collections contain over 10,000 editions.

Benefits of Music NFTs for Artists

The selling price of music NFTs from the music NFT marketplace goes directly to the artist. From the stated selling price, the NFT marketplace only charges network fees. These offer great advancement to artists. This is a big change from the traditional method where proceeds from sales go to music houses and then a portion of the amount is paid to the musician as royalty.

Artists can take advantage of new methods of distribution and use of technology in the music industry as they look from old to new. On the other hand, music artists face several critical issues related to controlling ownership of their work. Moreover, music artists have always experienced problems in managing the monetization aspect of their art. To overcome such problems NFTs are a great choice.

With the help of NFTs, artists can regain control over their work. The growing focus on music NFT projects provides great opportunities for artists to create music that their fans will love.

Music NFTs not only provides a great opportunity to bring power back to the artists of the music we love. Through Web3 community development, they create entire worlds around these artists. Through NFTs, we can create a more equitable model for prosperity, a large part of which will be through community ownership.

How can you buy Music NFTs?

Here we briefly explain how you can buy music NFTs.

The foremost step you want to follow when buying any NFTs is to get a crypto wallet. If you are interested in this field, you should already complete this step.

Once this step is over, you need to fund with well and reliable crypto. After buying your crypto and transferring it to the wallet, you need to decide which marketplace platform you want to start your musical NFT collecting journey with.

Finally, it's time to mint or buy your music NFTs. Once you find a music NFT that you want to buy, you don't necessarily have to buy it directly. For that, you will interact with a smart contract to pay a certain amount to mint (create) an NFT which will be sent directly to your wallet. In other cases, you are buying an already prepared NFT that is part of a collection. These two are almost the same thing.

Music NFT Marketplace

NFTs, give the permission to artists and musicians more control over their works. They can sell directly to their fans, shortening the distribution chain. A few marketplaces/platforms have been created for artists to generate NFTs for their works and sell them on the blockchain. Now that you have learned how to buy music NFTs, let's see where to buy them.

The popularity of NFT marketplaces in the world of crypto is a notable highlight for all. However, music NFTs are pretty new and you can find some dedicated markets for music NFTs. For starters can also access music NFTs through popular marketplaces like OpenSea and Coinbase's recently launched NFT marketplace. If you want a dedicated NFT music platform, OddKey is a better choice.

Best NFT Marketplace for Music


David Greenstein founded Sound. xyz in starting of 2021 to provide a platform for a combined music experience where fans can directly support their favorite musicians. It integrates streaming with minting. On Sound, artists can start a listening party for new song releases with open or limited edition NFTs. The platform isn't limited to single tracks, but has hosted full projects and even mixes like Soulection featuring 18 different artists.

2. Royal

Royal was founded in 2021 by 3LAU and JD Ross. It is much more than a marketplace for buying and selling music NFTs. This gives NFT holders the rights to songs sold on the platform. This means that collectors of a Royal NFT can receive a portion of the royalties generated by that song on traditional streaming platforms. Users can buy NFTs using crypto or credit card.

3. Catalog

The catalog is said to be a mix of a streaming service and an NFT marketplace. In this, artists can add their records to the catalog's open library, which fans can buy by making an offer or through auctions. The platform is a 1/1 marketplace, meaning scarcity is high. This is a great place to collect unique music NFT from your favorite artists.

4. Nifty Gatewayk

It was founded in 2018 by Duncan and Griffin Coke Foster as an online auction platform for digital art. It was one of the initial NFT markets for music that was instrumental in promoting the concept in the industry. You can use cryptocurrency or fiat currency to get NFTs from Nifty Gateway.

5. Mint Songs

Mint Songs is one of the only dedicated music NFT platforms that are not closed or invited, which means that a wide variety of artists sell on the platform. With a core mission of helping artists create a sustainable and livable income from creating music, Mint Songs is a great place to find innovative artists to support. The platform also works on the Polygon network, which makes it accessible in the absence of high transaction fees.

Final Tunes

The music sector is constantly evolving due to music lovers. With the advancement of music digitization, the music industry has therefore reached the sensational heights it can reach. NFTs could fundamentally change the music industry and how exclusive content is consumed and distributed. A lot of music that doesn't resonate in this world can be distributed as NFTs in the digital world.


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