How to create NFT marketplace in Solana

The market is superfluous with digital expansion. Every business, out in the world, every nook and corner, someone or the other is exploring the abilities of web3. Undoubtedly NFT has a huge capability in space, and a lot of projects are upcoming. And on the other hand, instead of diving into the same race, you can actually spice it up for others. Let them trade NFTs on your exclusive platform. For that plane, here we will be detailing How to develop your NFT Platform in Solana blockchain.

Come on, dig further to know why to develop an NFT marketplace, and very particularly why choose Solana blockchain as your support system.

Solana Blockchain Network

Preceding the row, Solana stands ahead of other blockchain networks for its prominence, efficiency, and scalability. Solana came into existence in 2020. The year was rough, yet it managed itself.

The network is powered with a Proof-of-stake mechanism and is capable of conducting thousands of transactions in a second. Also, it facilitates its authorities and users with plenty of rewards and bonuses to interact in the blockchain.

The rewarding system of Solana has also been an influencing call of businesses to develop their NFT Marketplace in Solana. The network also initiates smart contracts, Dapps, NFT, and other supports to build a perfect web3 environment.

How to Develop NFT Marketplace In Solana?

Here we have dissected the procedure of developing the NFT marketplace under 10 steps and detailed the same. And for clarity, this is the sketch of how we as blockchain developers at BlockchainX develop your NFT platform on Solana will be.

1. Define Your Niche

There are two different categories of NFT marketplace in general.

General NFT Marketplace: Here various NFTs like art, music, videos, games, collectibles, and much more are traded on the same platform. Users are also welcome to trade their unique assets on the platform. They have a wider spectrum of audiences.

Specialized NFT Platform: This platform is completely dedicated to a particular niche of NFTs. the platform either focuses on art or music or anything. Sometimes they are creators specific too. The targets are easy and convenient to target here.

Top Pick Of Promising NFTs

2. Choose Your Developer

Assuming you have picked us as your Solana NFT marketplace development company we ensure to serve the most sophisticated NFT marketplace development in Solana with our Expertise. Our customization and creative inputs shall help a lot in upscaling your platform.

Our web3 services and development are hassle-free and cost-effective. Over the years we have been associated with different projects that have to render highly satisfying solutions. Connect with our experts to understand better about us.

3. Pick your Monetization Model

Deciding your monetization model gives a better understanding of how to pull revenue and similar build compound infrastructure in your platform that ensures the funds or tokens are reached/ received in the right place.

Listed below are a few ways to monetize out of your NFT Marketplace on Solana

Services Fees and payments

Subscription model

Rewarding systems


Listing fees

Freemiums offers.

4. Define Your Functions

Function of an NFT Marketplace

5. Simplified Interface

It's essential to have a simplified and smooth interface for your NFT marketplace developed on any blockchain platform. We can either develop the interface from scratch with the inputs you have or also opt for white-label development for your NFT marketplace on Solana. This process cut down major time and is flexible to infuse high-end customization in all aspects.

Coming to the technical stack of the marketplace interface,

Web Programming Languages like Angular.JS, React.JS, and Vue.JS

For mobile JAVA, Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS

Infrastructure is built using MVVM, MVC, MVP, and VIPER for iOS and Android

Android studio and Xcode for iOS for IDE

SDK android and iOS.

6. Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are the logical point defining the performance of the NFT marketplace on the Solana network. The programs are responsible for minting, buying, and selling NFTs on the platforms. Usually, languages like C, C++, and Rust are used to develop Smart contracts on Solana.

7. Deploying the Server

Heading further with the backend development process that stores and processes the massive volume of data out of the blockchain network. Unique combination sets of technical stacks are used while deploying the server based on requirements and needs.

Technical Stack Used In Solana NFT Marketplace Development

8. Testing Error

Through the scrutinized and keen testing process, we run the NFT marketplace in the testnet, to detect bugs and errors. We fix them and run the tests continuously to identify and ensure there are no bugs and it's away from all the vulnerabilities of the hackers. Making the platform safe, secure, and sound.

9. Launch Your Platform

Once everything is fixed and ready, as scheduled the NFT marketplace developed on Solana will be launched in the main net open for users to utilize it without any hindrances.

10. Update and Post Launch Services

After the launch, in terms of issues and later updates we help you do it in no time. We shall ensure a smooth flow and functioning of the NFT Marketplace developed on Solana.

Features Of Solana

Advantages Of Developing NFT Platform On Solana

The transaction rate per second is nearly 25000 per second which is one of the major advantages of depending on the Solana network. Eventually, the network is also affordable in terms of charges. Using Gulf stream is an efficient mempool management solution. Writing codes on the Solana chain is easy as Rust is comparatively simple. Moreover, the aggregate growth rate of Solana is also a considering point to depend on this network.

Develop Your NFT Marketplace On Solana With BlockchainX

BlockchainX is one of the prominent and leading blockchain development companies. We have taken over 50 plus projects in less than three years of time and have been successfully deployed the solutions.

Our expert men and creative initiatives are the seed that grew us in the way. And we are so much open to developing a customized solution for you. In terms of NFT Marketplace development, of course, our team shall help you render an effective solutions.

To know more about the development process, our expertise do get in touch. And no hesitations we also render NFT consultant services to groom your ideas better. But don't step back, this digitally empowered world is solid and has an opening to many opportunities to explore.


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