Crypto Launchpad Development: Steps to Take Ahead of Developing a Launchpad

Crypto launchpad development is a great opportunity to keep up and stay one step ahead in this booming crypto world. Launchpads are a major driving force in the evolution, extension, and funding of crypto projects. Launchpad creation is a great spin-off to traditional crowdfunding processes. These launchpads flourish to help investors choose potential projects to invest their funds.

Funding projects is a confusing fact that can be difficult for entrepreneurs and business people. In this digital era, launchpad development is the first step to raising funds. The next generation of ICO launch platforms are called white-label, and they provide services to people who want to run a project on a specific platform. These emerging launchpads are changing the entire industry.

A crypto launchpad is the best place to find an authentic and verified project in its embarkation. Not only do they offer safety and security measures to founders and investors, but the cost of launching a project on a launchpad is very low compared to others, which is one of the main reasons why more projects are moving to launchpads for fundraising.

Let's dive into crypto launchpad development. Along with that, we will also cover different crypto launchpads that are outstanding in the growing digital world.

What is Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto Launchpad is a platform to introduce new crypto coins, tokens, and cryptocurrency projects. These platforms allow new-raising blockchain-based projects to increase their revenue while offering early-stage token sale access to investors. Launchpads benefit creators and investors alike. Launchpad lists the details of a project, i.e., description, roadmap, token utilities, whitepaper, etc., allowing investors to find projects of interest and help them grow.

Businesses involved in crypto may find this model suitable for fundraising. However, due to the low cost, launch pads are continuously used by crypto projects to raise funds. As a result, crypto launchpad development services can reach a larger audience of crypto evangelists. Early-stage access allows investors to get a good deal on their respective cryptocurrency before it opens to the public.

Crypto launchpads are secure spaces for both a rookie and veteran investors or traders to receive new coins or tokens through an initial coin offering (ICO). Founders/creators of crypto projects can use launchpad to access a community of crypto enthusiasts and investors.

How Crypto Launchpads Works?

Crypto launchpad development focuses on building their community and bringing investors real projects to achieve these goals. Most launchpad platforms own native tokens that community partners must hold. Users are required to verify their identity before participating in any fundraiser. Which guarantees that no one fools the system by buying via multiple IDs. A good example for this is POLs by Polkastarter.

Crypto launchpads are virtual platforms where various crypto projects in their early stages can be showcased. Startups and businesses can get help from these crypto launchpads to list their projects. Launchpad is the highest goal for tokens and forthcoming tasks. It is prepared here in such a way that it is made available for sale even before it reaches the general market.

Crypto launchpad development is the gateway for projects to find potential investors to raise funds. An early-stage deal is a bargain cost for investors before the launch moves people. Launchpads guarantee great security to investors and projects as they follow a rigorous vetting process for projects.

They act as a great tool to attract investors' attention and can expand the liquidity pool to a great extent. The cost of launching crypto projects is very low, which is why many projects end up on crypto launchpads. Crypto exchanges have spotted the revenue opportunity, researching several new projects and partnering with vetted projects to sell on their exchange platforms.

Top Fund-Raising Models of Launchpads

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The initial coin offering is a great start for any projects, and they continue to support to raise their funds. It has become the backbone of many startups and made their dreams come true. This fundraising platform will allow investors to invest their funds in terms of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, or native tokens of the platform. Investors, in return, receive an equal amount of tokens or utility tokens. This fundraising model prioritizes ways to apply decentralized finance.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

The initial exchange offering model gives more importance to projects because they are registered through the exchange. Although it is similar to ICO, there are a few differences between them. In ICO, project owners engage in fundraising, while in IEO, fundraising is done through third-party platforms. Companies that want to crowdfund on the exchange platform must first pay their listing fees, and investors on the exchange platform can participate in IEO events.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

An initial DEX offering is a new reliable way for startups to raise their funds. It is an efficient way to raise funds under a decentralized umbrella. Those startups are engaged in raising funds for their upcoming decentralized projects. Apart from being a reliable platform, it helps in running holistic campaigns. It offers the right balance and protects the platform from any level of insecurity.

Initial Farming Offering (IFO)

This new fundraising model is quickly gaining popularity on DEX platforms. IFO aims to generate funds for the project with model agriculture programs. It is a decentralized platform for pre-sale events. Interested investors attend event and invest their funds. DEX platforms will evaluate projects before hosting official IFOs. This model benefits both investors and users by promoting liquidity pools.

Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

ILO is a direct highway for startups to increase their company's growth rate. Companies can easily create their network to expand their ownership base. ILO is a decentralized fundraising platform for investors and buyers to sell their tokens simultaneously. These ILO platforms will have an in-built AMM to ensure that order requests are incredibly matched, so investors must contribute to the liquidity pool. As a result, individuals receive their bonus tokens for contributing to liquidity pools.

Initial Insurance Offering (IIO)

This fundraising method allows investors to fund projects and purchase insurance on their assets to protect them against market fluctuations. This model enhances community-based operations, and as companies, they will also witness a glimpse of better participation in decentralized practices. The primary objective of the IIO is to attract digital market investors to allow businesses to raise sufficient funds for their projects. The IIO model eliminates middlemen in the trading system and helps users avoid market price fluctuations.

Initial NFT Offering (INO)

NFTs are the biggest investment for individuals and we can see their importance rising day by day. This fundraising model is a dedicated approach for NFTs. Creators and artists intending to develop their NFTs will choose INO to generate funds to develop their NFTs. It involves offering a set of first-generation NFTs such as artwork collections, audio files, music files, etc. on a crowdfunding platform for a specified period. Local tokens support these NFTs. Token holders can burn NFTs and unlock cryptocurrency from them.

Initial Game Offering (IGO)

A recent trend in the crypto-verse is NFT-based gaming. Investors can sponsor such crypto gaming assignments via different IGO crypto launchpads. Investors will have the opportunity to access exclusive in-game assets and features. An IGO allows interested investors/users to invest in an upcoming gaming project in its early days. Buyer investment is encouraged by offering rare in-game collectibles, limited edition skins, accessories, mystery boxes, special weapons, and more.

Top 8 Key Features of Crypto Launchpad

When we start a project, we think about its scope and how it will meet the user requirements. Therefore features play an important role in the overall performance of the platform.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

When users choose your platform, it is crucial to evaluate them. However, you can validate users by checking their identity proofs. Once they are verified, you can allow them to join the platform.

Multiple fundraising methods

Crypto launchpad supports multiple fundraising models so you can earn with ease. Based on fundraising models like ICO, IEO, and IDO, it can be a great opportunity to generate revenue.


The ready-made launchpad solution comes with excellent compatibility for adopting different blockchain networks. So you can select the blockchain network of your preference.

In-built digital wallet

You must integrate an in-built wallet to help investors and companies store their cryptos. Crypto launchpad comes with special options to customize the development so you can choose the wallet of your choice.

Liquidity pools

The platform provides traders with exemplary liquidity. This is possible because the platform encourages users to invest in liquidity tokens in their early stages.

Multi-tier stacking

In crowdfunding, there may be multiple rounds, which are extended as long as tokens are sold. Based on the total number of tokens, multiple rounds of funding can be conducted.

High token investment

The platform should enable users to invest tokens in a decentralized network to make purchases or store value. This will ensure higher token investment for projects used for fundraising.


A strong crypto launchpad aims to create higher visibility for projects to generate more investment. Your platform should enable projects to generate investment from global investors.

Benefits of Crypto Launchpad Development

Launchpads have inborn benefits for investors and founders, while positively impacting the crypto ecosystem.

Crowdfunding: One of the most basic ways to source funds to take the project to the next stage of development. Launchpads play a critical role in raising significant funds to develop and expand projects. They can serve as an excellent platform for the soft launch of a crypto project.

Early-stage investment: Investors enter a crypto project at the lowest possible price and benefit from maximum returns.

Project Security and Token Appreciation: It protect investors from scams as they thoroughly verify each project before listing. Additionally, launchpads allow investors to explore the possible value of a token.

Community Building: Launchpads make a healthy community of crypto enthusiasts, creating a fertile environment for loyalty to new crypto projects. With steady growth, crypto projects gain more investors and help founders raise funds. Project developers can use launchpad to interact directly with investors and involve them in the development of the project.

How to Build Own Crypto Launchpads:

For investors, security and ROI are the most important things to look for in a launchpad. Security systems are carried out and ensured to stay long from the start to end.

Regulations of Information security should follow to ensure that investors' data and identity are protected. As for KYC procedures, they create a possibility to identify prospective projects, thereby building trust within the community. The return guarantee will largely rely on the instruments of the crypto platform, depending on the tokens listed.

Before investing, an investor should analyze 1) the platform's minimum stake amount, and 2) the benefits that this staking tier rewards. For project owners, launchpad's credentials and its support in increasing project visibility and community building should be key attributes.

Launchpad's terms of use should prescribe the selection process used to launch an IDO, along with the criteria that determine whether a project is whitelisted or not. Be transparent in all details like launching and financing details.

Don't wait any longer! Start developing your white-label crypto launchpad platform to reap its full potential. For that, consult an experienced team of experts to build your dream projects. BlockchainX is an innovative and advanced space for blockchain projects.

Wrap it Out

Now, it's time to wrap it up. As a final note, we can say that these crypto launchpads are a new way for entrepreneurs, startups, and crypto-based businesses to scale their growth in depth. In short, crypto projects force entrepreneurs to choose crypto launchpads to raise funds for their projects. Moreover, you can approach the best blockchain developers for crypto launchpad development. BlockchainX will help you develop your white-labeled crypto launchpads from scratch. We develop crypto projects ensuring security and raising privacy standards.


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