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EKTA Marketplace is here to comprehend real world fantasy

Ekta Marketplace - Scratch to Success

Our partnership with the EKTA team was centred on envisioning their desire and making it a reality. We contributed to the development of the EKTA chain's mainnet with EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) compatibility. It is also capable of bridging with other EVM-based blockchains, such as BSC.

Business Goal

The Ultimate Goal Of Ekta Marketplace


When talking about the goal of the NFT marketplace of Ekta, it's pretty much going to be the expectation of the Ekta team. The team aims at the world of blockchain. Unlike specified in one genre, or explore in one stream of decentralization, Ekta aims to facilitate its users the utmost opportunity to excel and streamline income in the row.

Intricacies Present In Developing Ekta

The idea of Ekta itself had socio-economic implications to deal with. The concept of decentralizing physical world aspects is a challenge with no limitations. The main attribute expected in Ekta marketplace was, the NFt minted outside the marketplace in Ekta chain to be reflected in the wallet and the profile of the marketplace which made it on par. The economical status of the user has a major role to play. The poverty range is widening day by day, and policymakers play a key role here. The accessibility of financial opportunities is restricted to a few. Democracy is never balanced, as most of the biggest opportunities to gain financial freedom are stuck in the hands of wealthy minorities. The heightening climatic changes are a topic for discussion, as we consider and still keep exploiting natural resources if they are inexhaustible. The ownership of property is also essential at the time of transfer. Its un-streamlined policies still stop many from owning their own piece of land.

The Solution

Ekta Marketplace Is Here To Comprehend Real World Fantasy


Like stumbling with multiple problems approaching in multiple directions, so the solution has multiple other ways to get rid of. Moreover, solving every problem is a never-ending story, but giving opportunities to twirl as you wish is a real chance to explore. Ekta Marketplace is a solution that is more an opportunity provider than an ecosystem, allowing users to flaunt their fantasy of living in the fancy world of Decentralization networks.

Detailing The Workflow Of Ekta NFT Marketplace

The home page of Ekta marketplace is a creative collage of features and functionalities that self-explains its presence and purpose. It has differentiated spaces to list, mint, and trade NFTs. Along with wallet options. The Ekta marketplace carries its transactions and functions forwards through the Ekta coin.

Being created exclusively for creators and verified personalities to showcase their projects and facilitate seamless trade along with fundraising chances. The platform has a unique user interface to facilitate the needful. The user can list and trade their collectibles, purchase Ekta coins, and connect their wallet to ease transactions.

The Admin dashboard of Ekta is truly a gallery that supports and facilitates the requirements.

  • User Management - furnish user details including name, email id, wallet address, profile photo, and much more.
  • Partner Management - similarly list details of the tied-up partner in the spaces with precise information.
  • Collection management - gives individual details of the assets. Including name, symbol, URL, address, collection image, Action, and more. The Action button takes the admin through a complete go-through on the details of the collection, its sale, and resale, type of sales, and more.
  • Settings - manages the revenue wallet, multiple login management, blacklist wallets that don't make any transaction all that based out of.
  • Features - includes information on the collections for users to check in and get a brief.
  • Banners - these help in dynamic platform management allowing the admin to manage current highlights easily.
  • Category - this helps in channelizing the assets based on their purpose. Categories include games, real estate, etc.
  • NFT registry - one main part that is accessed through a registry contract that facilitates the fee setting per collection.
  • Private registry - more like a launchpad that creates collections without NFT and steps out for pre-sale to mint a particular number of NFTs for a particular amount.
  • Learning - in built a blogging space to create content for collections with titles, images, and others. Coming to the Partners dashboard of Ekta marketplace, the login is done directly with a meta-mask wallet address and there are no such things as user name, password, etc. once the partner enters their wallet address their particular dashboard opens with the following.
  • Collection management - the collection created under this wallet is listed here. The user can create ERC721 and ERC1155 token standards. The information furnished goes to the database, while few are extracted for contract and IPFS.
  • NFT management - NFTs created under specific collections are listed here along with their sales status, actions, status, sales type, etc. The approval to sell the minted NFTs in the platform is got beforehand from the admin. And then it proceeds to the sale for the user to choose its sale type among fixed, bid, and offer.
  • Private Sale - this space furnishes details on private sales for fundraising projects through the collection. Here the NFTs are whitelisted to only the particular people.
  • Bulk Mint - in order to create and send the promised NFTs to the buyer in the funding process, the time is minimized with this. It has two purposes here: Create mint and List mint.

The users who show interest in the collections can make their claim in the presale that will be open. And the NFTs received in the wallet in return can be traded back. Apart from that the collection can also create and sell other NFTs. everything is listed and showcased on the home page of the Ekta marketplace. Based on the sale type, the list of attributes, its features, description, and everything will be detailed. And the buyer can make transfers accordingly.

There are few third-party integrations in the marketplace enhancing the best for transactions. The users can seamlessly act upon the platform with their credit card and debit card transaction, centralized exchanges, and also decentralized exchanges. With successful transactions, the buyer profile projects a detailed and classified profile of their purchases. The details on every NFT and its price graphs are all clearly showcased in the details of the NFT that accounts for everything.

Design Screens


Unique Features

Extended Abilities Of Ekta Marketplace Like Nowhere


The Ekta marketplace is one of a kind, and being developed from scratch, we had the liberty to put different attributes on its functionalities to test if things work out or not. From there we have brought in the listed features and functions that were demanded and dedicated to this one exclusive platform.

  • Bulk Minting
  • Collections Sale
  • Extempore database
  • Partnership dashboard
  • Batch mint
  • Wallet based log-in

Tech Stacks

A great app needs the right tools and technology to perform

Front End


Back End

Node js

Smart Contracts


Smart Contracts



Ekta Marketplace Explore Beyond And Further


The idea behind Ekta Marketplace's development was to create a canvas for a progressive decentralized ecosystem. Where users can enter and exploit the advantages of blockchain networks as they trade, collect, stake NFTs, and perform activities that are similar to real-world capabilities.

As the EKTA token plays the administrative role here, every transaction in and out is carried through it. The ERC20 standard tokens are compatible and the environment is bridgeable at the same time, in addition to better operability. Apart from this, the NFT marketplace of Ekta is also open for the wider creative economy to expose their creatives and also raise funds via collection listing.

The platform is also open for users to connect with any of their web3 wallets and participate in the wide range of protocols available. What more? Ekta Marketplace lays a path for us to explore the future with pro-created earning avenues.



Team Members

  • Berwin Tanco
  • Yog Shrusti
  • Jason Zheng





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