How can blockchain empower and enrich women

When we look at the statistics, half of the employees of Binance are women. And in India, women take lead in the largest number of crypto investors. Many of the women are participating and using their talents to open up the space. Additionally, many of the developers in the blockchain space are also women. A majority of women today agree that financial independence is of utmost importance. This makes cryptocurrencies a great tool for women empowerment.

Things are changing for the better in the blockchain and crypto industry as more women are mastering new professions such as investors, in business, analysts, developers, journalists, and executives in companies. 2022 is a monumental year for crypto space in India. After the annual budget, the legality of the asset class received some clarity and legitimacy, which drove in more women to the space. One could say that there are more women carrying leadership positions in the blockchain and crypto industry now.

In this article, we will look at how blockchain technology is renovating women's lives and empowering women around the globe.

Global Women in Blockchain

Global Women in Blockchain (GWB) is the first international umbrella organization designed to generate and accelerate powerful partnerships of women to take the lead in the education, development, and promotion of blockchain technology. This non-profit group aims to incorporate much-needed diversity in technology by sharing business connections and empowering women through exchanges, associations, meet-ups, forums, learning events, and more.

GWB strives to have at least one female representative per country to lead progress, enabling an ecosystem of trust, support, inclusion, conscious leadership, and socio-economic advancement.

GWB endure authorizing women through blockchain technologies by

Bringing together, connecting, and promoting all groups that support women and other several causes.

Organizing and maintaining a community of women dedicated to advancing blockchain and STEM technologies.

Offering strategic and informed program initiatives and educational resources that facilitate an inclusive learning environment.

Creating an environment of collaboration that encourages and supports innovation within the space.

Most Influential Women in the Blockchain Industry

If you are curious about the opportunities the blockchain industry has to offer to you as a woman, you should learn by example. Here are some of the top women leaders in blockchain, and their achievements can show you how women can exceed in the blockchain industry.

1. Rebecca Liao

Rebecca Liao

Rebecca Liao is one great example of a woman in blockchain and has an amazing track record. She is the co-founder and COO at SkuChain, a prominent blockchain company that provides an end-to-end platform for supply chain and business management.

2. Alisa DiCaprio

Alisa DiCaprio

Alisa DiCaprio is a business leader in the blockchain space and is currently working as the head of business and supply chain for R3. Alisa oversees business strategy, governance design, and standards, with a focus on building finance, mobility, and logistics.

3. Samantha Pelosi

Samantha Pelosi

Samantha Pelosi is also one of those names when it comes to looking for notable women in blockchain. She currently serves as Senior Vice President for payments and innovation at BAFT.

4. Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev is the CEO of the Dubai-based PR and marketing agency Luna PR and is one of the leading women in the crypto marketing space. She worked as a model and actress before fully venturing into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, starting her entrepreneurial venture.

5. Wendy Henry

Wendy Henry

If you are looking for a list of top women in blockchain, you won’t miss the name Wendy Henry. Managing Director and GPS Blockchain Lead at Deloitte, Wendy takes decades of industry experience to guide clients to superior enterprise value.

6. Emmanuelle Ganne

Emmanuelle Ganne

Emmanuel Gaine is an international trade specialist and a senior analyst in the Department of Economic Research of the World Trade Organization. She is easily one of the most influential women in the blockchain ecosystem due to her work with the WTO on Blockchain.

7. Leanne Kemp

Leanne Kemp

Leanne Kemp, the founder and CEO of Everledger, is noted for her extraordinary achievement in promoting transparency in global supply chains.

8. Krystal Webber

Krystal Webber

The global design and strategy leader at IBM Blockchain Services, Krystal Webber has deep experience in the specialties of blockchain and blockchain network design. In addition, he also specializes in enterprise design thinking.

9. Genevieve Leveille

Genevieve Leveille

Genevieve Leveille also deserves her place among the best women in blockchain due to her innovative entrepreneurial qualities. She is the CEO of Agriledger, a blockchain systems provider for agriculture.

10. Rachel Wolfson

Rachel Wolfson

Rachel Wolfson was originally known for her skills in journalism and English as an editorial professional. Moreover, she easily ranks among the top journalists in blockchain space. She is a popular writer on blockchain and crypto topics for Forbes.

11. Mary C. Hall

Mary C. Hall

Mary C. Hall currently serves as the Director of Blockchain Product Marketing at ConsenSys. She is responsible for governing the marketing initiatives for ConsenSys' Quorum blockchain product.

Women in Blockchain key to Innovation

Globally, the total female presence in the blockchain ecosystem used to be between 1% and 5%. However, we are seeing an increasing number of women arising as blockchain influencers. Some are settling their technical skills for work, while others are asking the right questions to make sure people understand both sides of the coin.

However, the industry calls for more women to assume leadership roles, lowering the gender gap and encouraging diversity. Apart from seeing a greater number of women in the industry, the ecosystem needs to build a place where women feel appreciated not only for their technical prowess but also for their capacity to use design thinking in several applications of blockchain technology.

We believe that women are key to innovation in the blockchain space and that blockchain technology’s mass adoption is almost impossible to accomplish unless all minds put their thoughts and experiences together. Women are also huge community builders, something that the blockchain industry thrives on.

The Growth of Women in the crypto world

The majority of female crypto owners are purchasing and HODLing – although extensive crypto product adoption is low. While 2021 has already seen its reasonable share of market volatility, women's faith in crypto's long-term investment performance persists high.

24% of women report owning crypto. Among them, 70% are HODLers, who have bought but never sold (compared to 55% for the entire market).

About 45% of women report buying cryptocurrencies. This is almost nearly 2x the number of women (23%) who reported knowing how to buy cryptocurrency six months prior.

Even among those who own crypto, 75% have simply traded – meaning they have not yet taken advantage of the full ecosystem by earning interest and rewards or by engaging in mining or staking.

Huge crypto product adoption is minimal with one in 10 reporting usage of a crypto interest account and one in 20 having purchased NFTs or participated in crypto mining.

Almost one in three women giving the survey are intending to buy crypto in 2022. 60% of those respondents say they plan to buy crypto in the next three months.

One in five women believes crypto can help them achieve their financial goals, both big and small – usually funding a vacation, resigning on time, or buying a home.

There's no better way to learn something new than to jump right it - particularly while jumping into the complex world of crypto. It's very exciting to know that women are becoming more familiar with the benefits of owning crypto and conveying an interest in working in the crypto sector. It is now our responsibility to continue to bridge the education gap and provide more and more on-ramps so that women can easily access the crypto markets and feel more comfortable with their investments and ventures.

The Role of Women in Blockchain

Since the beginning of the blockchain industry, women in blockchain have played key roles in enhancing the technology's global impact. Women have contributed to the expansion of the blockchain industry, along with supporting capabilities to sustain exceptional levels of continued growth and success.

Women are slowly gaining dominance in the technology sector as they currently hold about 20% of the jobs in the technology sector. Interestingly, around 17.7% of startups in the tech sector have female founders. On the other hand, the participation of women in blockchain technology as a whole has been quite low. Currently, only 5% of women are involved in the crypto sector, with contributions in the roles of investors, developers, and founders. In contrast, the male community has higher participation in the blockchain space.

To wrap it all up,

Women in blockchain are playing an important role in the industry. The impact of the blockchain will dramatically influence many industries in the future. Therefore, women are expected to play a significant role in accelerating the blockchain revolution.

Blockchain is the perfect platform to celebrate, educate and bring together amazing women from various fields who have the potential to change the world. A salute to all the women and their contributions to the Blockchain industry. Gear up ladies and take charge of your dreams in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape now!


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