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I am Yokesh Sankar. Co-Founder of BlockchainX, My vision and time to offer the best products for our clients without apprehensions at economic rates. Making virtual dreams a reality, My interest in Blockchain technology and crypto started when I was an undergrad. It has since then transformed into something much bigger for me. I believe that Blockchain is undoubtedly the future of technology as we know it, and have been trying to share as much knowledge as I humanly can with people. From analyzing and assessing the clients’ requirements in detail to proffering the best Blockchain and Crypto Consultant

How blockchain technology is changing finance?

More than ten years after its creation, the blockchain has gone from being only the sophisticated support that makes Bitcoin transactions possible, and some other cryptocurrencies, to becoming one of the biggest promises in the economic sector. To see how this evolution has taken place, in this article we will focus on the application of blockchain technology to companies.

Polkadot, pushing the frontiers of blockchain technology.

As we step into the next generation of blockchain technology, we have an extremely scalable and highly secured blockchain network called Polkadot. Polkadot explains that it efficiently meets the user's needs and makes a crucial change in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

5 July 2021

3 Min Read

DeFi Projects of 2020: The Hype, The Revolution, and Autonomy

Best defi projects 2020 for retail investors and institutional investors. Complete defi protocol list with the top defi projects for investors.

27 Jan 2021

4 Min Read

Major Use Cases of DeFi

DeFi is the new contender in the fintech space and is gaining a tremendous amount of traction. The term DeFi means Decentralized Finance and is grabbing a lot of attention from several entrepreneurs.

21 Jan 2020

5 Min Read

Reason to Invest in Bitcoin on 2021

Learn the Reason to Invest in Bitcoin on 2021 and know more about the investment advice, why bitcoin get more traction, why bitcoin is a good investment and benefits in bitcoin.

Nov 26 2020

3 Min Read

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