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Star Card Sports: Play-To-Earn Gaming Platform On Polygon

Gaming is one of the enduring factors bringing in the spirit, one of the biggest stress busters, and in recent times, monetizing also becomes one of its primary attributes. From making money, blockchain-based gaming arenas are giving players the opportunity to sink in rewards, crypto earnings, and NFT ownership. Star Cards Sports is a play-to-earn Gaming arena built on the Polygon blockchain network. The layer 2 blockchain for the Ethereum network.Star Card Sports is based on the sport, Football. This is a kind of sports gaming platform integrated with metaverse functions, That the players can monetize on everything, and their avatars along with their exclusive abilities can be showcased for trading in the marketplace. In the initial stages, the SCS game is about to start with token distribution pre-launch of the game. That welcomes a wider set of audience in the first lot and increases liquidity for the SCSG token. With progress and attention from the audience, the gaming features and functions shall be kept updated yet not changed in their core value. The native token distribution is expected to contribute in multiple ways and staking is one purging choice. Polygon network support is best for the platform in terms of handling Transactions, its low-cost access, speed, security, and others are all the perks to operating on the same.

A visual outline of the project plan

Specific Focus Of Star Card Sports

Focus Of StarCard-Sports

The specific goal was to build a blockchain-based soccer game that connects real-world player data in the game. A team of amateur players. Apart from its gaming abilities, it also aimed at giving users the opportunity to earn through in-game assets, which are NFTs.

Challenges Faced In The Development Phase

The Pain Points

Pain-Points of starcard-sports

The fundraising goal for the project is high. This means that users could potentially sell tokens in bulk and tank the token price. We solved this by adding a vesting smart contract to the crowd sale that releases a specific percentage of tokens monthly.

The Solution

Milestones That We Achieved

  • Bulk Minting
  • Collections Sale
  • Extempore database

The Working Of SCS Game

The users/ players can create a profile in the SCS platform or TapIn as both communicate with others via an API through oracle chainlink.A wallet is established as the account is created for the player. They can now customize their avatars and NFT cards with the information.Players purchase their NFTs and define contract rules. The initial cost of the NFTis free for TapIn account holders. The cost on a basic scale is 250 SCSG. Players can challenge other players and their friends. They also can enter into a league to win real rewards. Further chances to upgrade their skills.The Role Play Gaming mode allows players to use avatars and apply in-game control to tackle their enemies.There are amazingly designed creative fantasy spaces for the players to drive in with 3D options and items. The players can challenge 1 on 1, to advance the game.The Metaverse ability allows the players to design their own stadium to conduct these games and challenges. Meanwhile, the fans can come together to interact.The in-game powers are open for purchase. Players can include identical physical products of partner football brands as NTFS and trade them for SCSG tokens.Players can also make in-house asset purchases, from the SCS house. They can be traded via partnered marketplaces and the earnings are partitioned accordingly.

Design Screens

Design Screens

Unique Features

The Star Card Sports is embedded with various features that contribute to the better good and mainly concentrate on progressions.

  • Football Alliance - The Gameplay focuses on two different styles of Colgate's New World Football Alliance. The play data is shared and resided on the platform with NFT available for both gaming styles.
  • Managerial Mode - This mode assembles teams based on NFTs collections and each player on the TapIn platform is represented via a different player card. Here real athletes can be directly brought into the game.
  • RPG Mode - This is an adventure-style mode with a 3D avatar representing real-life characters. The P2E model is confined throughout the gaming space. The users can earn through their NFTs and purchase more in the marketplace.
  • Redeemable Rewards - The SCSG token can anytime be redeemed into fiat and buying SCSG is also made easy with fiat, BTC, ETh, or Matic on any crypto exchange platform. SCSG token is also open for staking and players earn early rewards through direct yielding.
  • SCS NFT Marketplace - The SCS NFT Marketplace is accessed through in-game navigation. The players are allowed to trade, stake, rent, and earn digital assets along with rewards. The player card is accessible in the marketplace along with rental and purchase fees.
  • Metaverse - In the RPG mode of the SCS game, the players engage in a dystopian world and earn revenue and also contribute to world causes. By completing their tasks and challenges, players level up and earn SCSG tokens. The real estate in the space is also open to access by players.

Tech Stacks

A great app needs the right tools and technology to perform

Front End




Back end



Results of starcard-sports

The Starcard Sports team raised $120K in the first round of token sales. While it's anticipated to have a long life-time through progressive aspects on its way.



Founder & CEO

Steve Schechter


Starcard-Sports Games



Business Type

P2E Gaming


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