NFT Marketplace Development Solution

A bridge connecting the creators and their creatives with curious enthusiasts with an eye for unique digital collectibles. Connecting the artistic vibe of the tribe, an NFT marketplace is a platform that seamlessly connects the buyer and seller over a creative. The main function of the NFT Marketplace platform is to efficiently enable transactions and eradicate the complexity of owning an NFT.

An NFT marketplace development solution, developed with us, shall be the primary support to grow your business. Eventually helps you gain traction for the creatives hosted in the platform, and allows buyers to explore the niche in a very detailed manner. We help you customize the entire solution in a very intricate manner with our experts. Connect with us now!

Purpose Of Investing In NFT Marketplace Platform Development

Realizing NFTs are more than cryptocurrencies with their ability to act on real-time happenings, it’s a choice of many modern artists to express themselves, providing them with their expressions hostage - Our NFT Marketplace development solution.


What Are The External NFT Marketplace Development Services?

Designing and Development

Our NFT marketplace development solution can be designed and developed to be basic and advanced based on the project requirement.

Smart Contracts Audit

The Smart contracts are thoroughly audited and ensured to be bug-free in the future as new transactions come by every time.

DAO & NFT Governance

The NFT Governance through DAO provides users the ability to vote and take a decision over the governance tokens' actionables in the platform.

Platform Support and Maintenance

Post-launch support and maintenance in terms of updates are provided with our NFT marketplace development service.

NFT Platform Infrastructure

We help you craft your NFT marketplace platform with utmost details that improve the scalability of the project.

NFT Wallet Development

In-app NFT wallet development with utmost security can be integrated within the NFT marketplace.

Futuristics Features

Over time we help you integrate and better your NFT marketplace with futuristic features that help you stand out in the market.


Our services in NFT marketplace development ensure to maintenance of the liquidity range of the NFT and collectibles in the ecosystem.

Extensive Advantages Of NFT Marketplace Development


Intriguing Storefront

Easy to navigate storefront simplifying experience for the user


Advanced Search Option

Much improved search to precisely locate the result.


Cross-chain Compatibility

NFT platform that efficiently connects with multiple networks.


Bulk Purchase

Making multiple purchases all at one time.


Intricate Filters

Classify the requirement very keenly through filters.


Multi-chain Functionality

Seamless integration with multi-chain for cross-functionality

Watch Our NFT Marketplace Demo

Admin Feature

  • Ride to the Features supporting the universe of Possibilities!

User Demo

  • Explore the potential of Our NFT Marketplace, here In the demo

Check Out The Screens Of NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

NFTs can be purchased in one of these two convenient methods.

Black Theme

White Theme

Experience The Seamless Navigation Of An NFT Marketplace Platform


Versatility In Utilizing An NFT Marketplace


Crypto Collectibles

Claim verified authentication and register ownership for animated digital collectibles like gifs, stickers, etc.



Curating unique in-game collectibles, including armor, suits, powers, accessories, and others as individual assets.



The foremost range of NFTs, either digital or any kind of unique artwork can be digitized to monetize in the crypto world.


Trading Marketplace

Unlike other attributes, the NFT marketplace can be a unique space that rejuvenates trading with modern twists.



Of course, music is taking a serious invasion into the NFT space giving artists a classic entry into a secured and transparent space.


Real Estate

Like in real time, Real estate is a shooting business in the metaverse bringing up new possibilities to deal as NFTs.

Our NFT Marketplace Demo Videos

Try out our demo for hands-on experience. Our platform is fully-customizable and we can tailor it to your project.

User NFT Buy/Sell demo

Partner Dashboard demo - Mint/Bulk Mint NFTs

Admin Dashboard - Manage collections/NFTs, Blogs, etc

Our NFT Marketplace Deliverance

How our NFT staking platform development works

Captivating NFT Holders

Our consultant extensively collects your requirements keeping in mind the scale of your project and tokenomics.

Safeguarding Asset with Cryptography

We help you figure our where and how your staking platform could help users connect with your project easily.

Defi Investment avenues

We also help you choose the right blockchain network to deploy on, if your staking campaign is a standalone project.

Multichain versatility

In this stage, we create an overall prototype of your staking platform before moving on the core designs.

Futuristics Features

This is where the entire platform takes shape visually and we create a high-fidelity prototype for the platform.

Seamlessly integrating wallets and payment

Our solution is completely decentralized, and the backend is powered by a strong smart contract tailored to your project.


We conduct a thorough internal audit and testing process, with the smart contracts deployed on the tesnet for UAT.

Search Filter Exploration

Here, we deploy the smart contracts on the mainnet, connect the frontend with the smart contracts, and transfer the ownership to you.

NFT Marketplace Beyond NFTs.

Varied Development Solutions In Varied Fields

Additional Features Of NFT Marketplace Development Platform


Bid And Buy facility


Efficient NFT Listing


Built-in Wallets


Royalty Mechanisms


Airdrops & Rewards


Rating System




Secured Payment


Push Notifications


Sale Analysis

Different Revenue Streams For The Admin
In A NFT Marketplace



Royalty Fee

Ranging from 5% to 10% the platform can claim royalty charges for every secondary sale happening on the platform.



Partner Onboarding Fee

As a new partner signs up in the NFT marketplace platform for any new projects the platform can collect a fee for rendering its services.



Project Promotions

Admin can charge promotion fees for projects to get featured and highlighted in the platform that in turn boost their sales.


Deploy Your Web3 WithBlockchainX Tech


There are multiple opportunities to identify the NFT Marketplace development company. It’s important to ensure that the company themselves provides end-to-end development services, from designing to ideation.

The cost and time involved in developing an NFT Marketplace is difficult to identify and fix. Based on the requirement, customization, and advancements the time and cost involved keep fluctuating.

Yes, of course, We provide complete customization for NFT Marketplace Platform Development. We ensure to craft your solution as you desire.

The very first step involved in developing an NFT marketplace like Open Sea is to get your checklist done for the platform and do some groundwork to identify the best NFT marketplace developer, set up a meeting and discuss your requirements and constraints, and proceed to develop.

NFT Marketplace connects creators and their digital collectibles with interested buyers with the perks of enabling their utilities. Meanwhile, the process of curating such a platform with the ability to sync with the requirements of both creators and admin is the process of NFT Marketplace Development.


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