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Build value from crypto mining with Minosis

Minosis - Crypto mining is accessible, which is easily and conveniently

Minosis is a crypto mining startup that permits users to take part in pools to earn virtual currency. In a unique way, Minosis miners can earn Bitcoin regardless of their mine and even achieve block rewards. To reduce expenses, Minosis mining software also facilitates transaction fees and simplifies the process. Miners get paid in either their native currency or Bitcoin and keep track of profitability with Minosis's strong monitoring system, whether they have a small mining presence or build out an industrial-scale mining operation.

As Minosis is a publicly traded company, its owners are supposed to attempt something new to assist the platform's community to develop and offer value to its shareholders. Nearly every company might benefit from cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Despite the fact that Minosis is a mining company, the amount of innovation brought to cryptocurrency mining was impressive.

Through the use of Minosis, we will resolve many of the difficulties faced by people when trying to enter the mining industry; these include not having the right hardware, the huge cost of electricity, transaction fees, and mining difficulties.

The Minosis token serves as a deflationary asset that buys back shares of the Minosis company, which helps to promote the company and share prices in the long run. This is accomplished by combining the traditional buy-back concept with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.The wallet will be the buy-back wallet, which will earn funds in BNB in the amount of the tax levied on each Dex transaction. This will help the stock price.


Building the future with Minosis

The Minosis Project is a sister campaign to support the Minosis cryptocurrency mining company. They are mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. They provide crypto mining solutions for users to buy as well as high-end crypto mining hardware equipment. The Minosis token is the main component of the Minosis crypto project on which we have worked. It's a tax token with a slight variation. A portion of the tax is collected in BNB and then pooled to purchase public stock in Minosis. The stock price of the company will theoretically rise or fall as a result of this.


Challenges solved in the rapid adoption of Minosis

We were able to handle this project easily because we have extensive experience with token development and already have a Crowdsale Dapp platform. Therefore, there are no major challenges.


The Solution

The feat we have collated

Tax token with variable tax options. A part of the tax will go to different wallets of the client's choosing, with the percentages adjustable.

Taxes can also be disabled.

Since tax tokens consume more gas, we designed the token to be extremely gas-efficient.

The Crowdsale platform is also a smart contract-based Dapp that we have optimized for gas efficiency.


The client raised around 400 BNB from the presale and was able to add that to liquidity and begin trading in a very short period of time.

Deliverables of Minosis

  • Crowdsale platform - It is used for fundraising. These crowdsales can raise funds for anything related to cryptocurrency or blockchain, including project or new business development. These funds will go to Dex Liquidity for the token.
  • Minosis Token - The Minosis token is based on the Binance Smart Chain network and is aimed at functioning as mining by combining the old notion of buybacks with blockchain technology and virtual cash.
  • Requirement Gathering - We have the foremost interaction between our team and client, and since a client had a mining company, they wanted to create a token to support the company and get the community to engage, and we conducted a requirement gathering session to make that happen.
  • Token development - We assist you in navigating your token journey by beginning with the creation of a new token smart contract. We would take a comprehensive, mission-driven approach to token development, from selecting the right blockchain to optimizing the smart contract for gas efficiency, and we would ensure efficient management at every stage of token development.
  • Crowdsale development - Crowdsales that raise the most money tend to have clear goals and guidelines for how the crowdsale works and how the proceeds will be used, and they are becoming extremely popular among entrepreneurs, not only in the crypto world. In fact, many of them are considering crowdsales as a better version of crowdfunding. There are very logical reasons for this, as it has been adopted by a large number of ventures and claimed success.

Tech Stacks

A great app needs the right tools and technology to perform

Front End






The Minosis token sale was successful in raising BNB for liquidity. The token is tradable on PancakeSwap DEX.



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