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Our 360° Metaverse Development Services

Metaverse Application Development
Metaverse Application Development

Build a customer-centric, decentralized application inside virtual worlds with our Metaverse development services.

Metaverse NFT Development

Mint NFT collections & in-game items for Metaverse platforms with our Metaverse development solutions.

Metaverse Store Development

Build your own Metaverse store and be one of the first people to start a blooming business in virtual space.

Metaverse Social Media Platform Development

Create a platform where users can interact, share, and create with our Metaverse development services.

Metaverse Platform Development

Launch your own Metaverse platform quickly with the right help from our team of expert consultants and architects.

Metavers Integration
Metaverse Integration Services

Integrate your business into the Metaverse or build components that can seamlessly work with different Metaverses.

Real Estate Platform
Metaverse Real Estate Platform

Allow your users to buy and sell land inside the Metaverse with features such as fractionalized ownership and more.

Metaverse Marketing Services

We help entrepreneurs and startups reach the right kind of audiences with the right kind of marketing strategies.

Metaverse Education Platform Development

Create a learning ecosystem where anyone can access EdTech products and resources inside the Metaverse.

event platform
Metaverse Event Platform Development

Launch events that users can attend from the comfort of their homes with our Metaverse development solutions.

How Do We Support Your Metaverse Project?

Decentalized Network
Decentralized Network

We help you build your Metaverse platform on any EVM-based blockchain or even multichain without Metaverse development services.

Interoperable Standards
Interoperable Standards

Build a highly interoperable Metaverse platform. Our developers are experienced in the industry to follow any technical standard.

Full stack Programing
Full-stack Programming

Get an end-to-end solution for your problem or Metaverse project with a leading Metaverse development company.

Smart Contract
Smart Contract

As a metaverse development company with 5 years of blockchain experience, we are equipped to build highly secure smart contracts.


Integrate any payment system into your metaverse and allow users to seamlessly make and receive payments.

Maintenance and Upgrade

We also help you make upgrades and carry out maintenance activities. You can choose a custom maintenance plan.

Why Choose BlockchainX for Metaverse Development?

Why Choose Us

Our 5 years of experience in blockchain and our happy customers are enough to vouch for us. With us, you’ll gain access to leading tech architects, developers, and consultants with the right experience. Instead of making multiple hires for hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can gain access to a whole team, for around the same value.

Benefits Of Metaverse Platform Development Services

Build Virtual Reference
Build Virtual Presence

Build a virtual presence for yourself or your business with our metaverse development solutions.

virtual Communication
Virtual Communication

The metaverse is undoubtedly the future and can lead to a lot of growth for your company.

No Borders or Barriers

Everything in the metaverse is as you define it. If you define it to be open, you go beyond borders.

Virtual Events
Virtual Events

Conduct virtual events and let users attend them without ever leaving their living rooms

High ROI

Metaverse businesses tend to generate high ROI because of the ease of operation.

Investment DAO
Investment DAOs

An Investment DAO is a decentralized investment vehicle where the DAO members can collectively distribute wealth in various investments.

Our Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Process

Our Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development Process
Virtual Avatar Creation

Create a virtual version yourself on the metaverse or build an amazing platform where anyone can enter cyberspace.

Digital Land Creation

Let's build, buy, and sell virtual real estate with the help of a leading metaverse development company.

NFT Wallet Integration

Integrate any NFT-supported wallet into your metaverse without metaverse development services.

In-Game Assets Creation

Build and sell in-game assets for any metaverse platform such as Decentraland, Roblox, Sandbox, and more.

What Makes Our Metaverse Development Services So Unique?

Bill Payments
Bill Payments

Create effective payment systems where users can easily make or receive payments.

Biometric Authentication
Biometric Authentication

Integrate biometric login and data collection to your metaverse platform, easily.

Wallet Development
Wallet Development

We can develop a dedicated wallet for your metaverse platform that works seamlessly.

Multisig Wallet
Multisig Wallet

If your platform has multiple stakeholders, you can add multi sig functionality.

Cross Platform
Cross Platform

We can build assets for multiple metaverses as well as create interoperable metaverses.

Maintenance And Upgrade

You can talk to our consultant and choose a special maintenance plan for your platform.

We Use The Latest Technologies


cardona eth flow-flow tezos wax

NFT standard

BEP-20 D-goods ERC-721 ERC-1155 FA2 TRC-721

Storage Platform

filecoin group ipfs

Front-end Framework

Angular Hue React

Highlighting Essential Components in Metaverse Development


Build unique avatars that represent your personality and platform.

Virtual Goods

Build, buy, and sell virtual products on the metaverse, hassle-free.

Natural Interface

We can build a very user-friendly interface for your metaverse platform.

Digital Currency

Integrate any cryptocurrency, or launch your own with our help.

Work Automation

Automate many functions inside your metaverse with smart contracts.


We are always asked a lot of questions which we are happy to answer at any time. Here are some Blockchain-related questions that have been asked times innumerable.

Cost for Metaverse development services depends in each project, we give custom quotes for your particular requirement.

Each metaverse platform is different. The blockchain that you choose depends on the the use cases.

For EVM based projects, Solidity language works. Other blockchains such as Solana and Polkadot use Rust.

The metaverse is like an infinite showcase where you can improve your visibility and give different experiences to users.

All it takes to get started is a conversation with one of our consultants.

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