What is ICO Marketing?

The full form of ICO is Initial Coin Offering. By using this unbalanced procedure funds are raised with the sole purpose of running a project. A traditional business firm raises funds for its running in a number of ways. A business can be a small scale business and it can increase its profits with the passage of time.

Businesses can also look for investors who can invest in the business to earn profits in the long run. The last method involves the selling of shares through an IPO (Initial Public Offering). ICO is much alike IPO where investors are allowed to purchase company shares.

ICO Marketing Strategy

The ICO Crypto Team combines a passion for esports, industry experise &proven record in finance, development, marketing.

Optimized website

A great optimized website can promote your ICO to the right set of audience. The website must be user-friendly with great loading capacity. The information must be listed down on your website so as to lure the audiences.

Post right information on the website

The information must be listed down on your website so as to lure the audiences. Each and every minute details about your ICO project must be jotted down on your website. The website must also inform the investors the procedure of investment.

Social media platforms

Use various social media platforms to advertise your marketing campaign. This is a great way to reach your target audiences with minimal cost involved. You can post full information about your ICO project on various cryptocurrency and blockchain-related pages.

Special forums

Discussions on various social forums can be held from time to time so that the interested investors remain updated. This is done to drive in traffic. In addition to this, you also have Quora, Reddit, and many others.

Pre ICO services

Website Design and Optimization

ICO Development services include the creation of an optimized website. The design and the layout of the website should be such so as to create a user-friendly experience.

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Social Media and PR Marketing

Once your website is ready you can publish various social media. Innumerable social media platforms where you can join groups and post updates about your ICO project.

Personal and Text Messaging

The Telegram which is a personal messaging app is being used by millions of people worldwide. This can be used for creating awareness among audiences.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps in approaching customers who are normally inactive on various social media platforms.

Token structuring

The Token building is done just weeks before the launch of ICO. Without tokens investors can’t be paid for their hefty investment.

Forums and Discussion

Forums help in the marketing of the upcoming cryptocurrency project. So companies join various forums

Reputation mangement

The content specialists and the SEO specialists with the help of various tools ensure that your company’s brand name remains intact. It is really difficult to build a reputation for one’s company.


Various advertising campaigns are undertaken to ensure that the information reaches to the right set of audience. Advertisements are put up on various social media platforms and other reputed websites.

Community Management

We provide experienced community management experts so that various companies and individuals can be managed while they are on the blockchain network performing business.

How to initiate your ICO prefunding?

Constant communication with investors

The investors must be informed and kept updated about the projects they are going to invest in. It's the companies duty to communicate with investors via different channels.

Educate your user about your platform

Awareness must be created among the users based on the blockchain platform. The users must know about the security system and other beneficial aspects of the platform.

Encourage Innovation on your platform

The products created and promoted on the platform must be creative in nature. The platform and products must become more innovative in nature.

Build a local brand ambassador and influencer network

The local brand ambassador and the influencer network must be made strong enough. This would be used in the promotion and marketing of the platform as well as the products.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Marketing Process

ICO development companies are investing a large sum on blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing process. Communicating about the product to the investors involves a large number of procedures.

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