What is Hashgraph?

Hashgraph is a distributed ledger space which acts as a substitute for Blockchains. It is rather a decentralized form of technology where users are permitted to provide their consensus. No doubt blockchain has its own set of features. But hashgraph too has all the features of a blockchain and on top, it is far more reliable, secure and super fast. With Bitcoins, you can only achieve seven transactions per second. On the other hand, hashgraph can handle 2,50,000 transactions per second. So which technology is faster? With hashgraph you do not require facing any sort of limitations.

Why Hashgraph?

  • Though blockchains are transparent in nature and using it will bring about an expansion in business.
  • Usage of hashgraph is not different. In fact, hashgraph is far more modern than what blockchains are. It is the next-gen technology which is carried with the consensus of the users.
  • More than that, it is a form of decentralization which indicated that no third party will be provided with the personal details of the users. Hashgraph can be carried out only in permissioned networks.
  • The nodes of a hashgraph are well-known from beforehand. This protects the network from the hands of an unknown user. In this way, the nodes can be kept secured from the hands of Sybil attacks thereby helping the network to gain permission.

Hashgraph Features

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Better security
Faster transactions
Gossip Protocol
Virtual voting

Pros and Cons with Hashgraph Cryptocurrency


The gossip protocol is used to transmit messages thereby making hashgraph speedy. The consensus protocol is the outcome of the gossip protocol.


The transaction process is fair and there is a requirement of the consensus from the majority of users.


Hashgraph is totally secure as malware are kept away from the network. This is possible only because of the decentralized system.


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