Passive income for your users.

Consistent revenue for you.

Building DeFi staking platform allows you to create good cash flow to your business with minimal overhead charges. One major benefit of opting for our DeFi staking platform development services is that not only can you generate revenue, you only have to pay once. DeFi staking works on smart contracts and once deployed, they can run on the blockchain forever. Enter the DeFi space today with a leading DeFi staking development company.

What is a DeFi Staking platform?

A DeFi Staking Platform is a Decentralized Application (dApp) that allows your users to earn passive income by depositing their crypto tokens. The entire process works on smart contracts and you can launch your staking platform as locked staking or flexible staking. Launch your own crypto business in days with our DeFi staking platform development services.

DeFi Staking Platforms

Defi Stacking Platform
  • Staking dApp

    By choosing our DeFi staking platform development services, you can create a web application (dApp) where users can deposit their crypto and start earning passive income right away.

  • Wallet Staking

    Create a crypto wallet app where users can delegate their crypto tokens to your staking module and earn passive income. Launch your staking wallet now with our DeFi staking platform development services.

  • Staking-as-a-Service Platform

    Want to become a top player in the staking game? Create a Staking-as-a-Service platform where projects can list their tokens and launch their staking promotions at a lower cost. You get consistent revenue from each project.

Ways to Reward Users


Our DeFi staking platform development services allow you to integrate your token into the staking protocol and start a staking pool.


How about NFTs? You can also choose to provide NFTs as a reward to your users for staking. Or, allow them to stake their NFTs for rewards.


We can also integrate stablecoins into our platform so that your users can earn stablecoins when they stake in a bear market.

How does our DeFi staking platform work?

Staking-as a-Service

1. Projects approach you to begin staking pools.

2. You integrate their token address into the staking smart contract and create a new pool.

3. The project owner transfers reward tokens to the staking pool address.

4. You as the admin can set the fee structure on each staking pool, as per the project owner’s directions.

5. Launch pool!

6. Users can connect their web3 wallets and start staking.

DeFi Staking

1. Once staking pools are deployed, you’re all done.

2. Users can come directly to the platform and start staking using their web3 wallets.

staking service

Salient Features that keep our DeFi staking platform unique

simple user interface
Simple user interface

The trick is to allow everyone to easily access your staking platform. We achieve that through simple and effective UI/UX Design.

Unmatched Security
Unmatched security

Our platform works completely on smart contracts and minimizes off-chain components. This minimizes your points of failure.

Rewards calculator
Rewards calculator

Users can easily see theory pending rewards on the dashboard by connecting their web3 wallet to the web applications.

Easy Payout
Easy payouts

Claiming rewards is as easy as clicking the claim button and signing the claim transaction inside your web3 wallet.

Reasons for choosing BlockchainX for DeFi Staking Platform Development

Meaningful Outcome

Meaningful Outcomes

As a DeFi staking platform development company, we strive to deliver you the best products so that you always get meaningful outcomes from your project.

Rapid Development

Rapid Development

With our team of 75+ developers, expert architects, and experienced project managers, we can deliver the best solutions to you in shorter turnaround times.

Expert Team

Expert Team

Our team consists of handpicked developers that we have trained in-house to make sure that each project is developed and delivered flawlessly.

Complete Support

Complete Support

Our end-to-end support will be at your disposal 24x7, with one project manager and blockchain consultant constantly communicating with you.

Our DeFi Staking Platform Development Process


Each project kickstarts with a discovery call where our consultant gathers the preliminary information from your team. Then it’s off to the architects.


The next stage is project planning and architecture. One of our senior architects will lead this process and deliver the outcomes to you through the project manager.


This is where we dedicate a team for you that consists of project managers, smart contract developers, and QA/Testing Teams.


This stage is where we deploy everything on the testnet and give it to you for user-acceptance testing (UAT). Once you verify it, then it’s off to the mainnet.


We are always asked a lot of questions which we are happy to answer at any time. Here are some Blockchain-related questions that have been asked times innumerable.

A DeFi staking platform is a decentralized application (dApp) where users can deposit their crypto and earn interest.

There are multiple types for DeFi staking protocols out there. As a DeFi staking platform development company, we can build you any kind of staking platform.

Staking is always a good platform to start because along with the users being able to generate passive income, you as the project owner continue to generate revenue through deposit fees. You can even multiply your earning by building a Staking-as-a-Service platform where projects can list their staking pools by paying you a service fee.

Users can multiply their existing crypto portfolio by staking their tokens in the staking pools. Launch your platform today with a leading DeFi staking platform development company.

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