What is DAPPS?

DAPPS is a special kind of a decentralized application which runs on a P2P network. The interface of a decentralized application does not vary much from that of a mobile app or a website. The day isn't far away when your car will move on its own while you are in office. This is what DAPPS is to the world of technology. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency which made us think about the future of the world of technology. DAPPS runs on the technology of blockchain. The main theme behind the technology is that the data does not accumulate in a centralized place. It is not even maintained by an individual.

Blockchainx Dapps Development Services


Upgradation of dApp services

The functioning of business operations smoothly is the main of the app. The app must be upgraded on a timely basis. We assist our clients for the transfer and up-gradation of their application so that they do not suffer any kind of loss. Launching of smart contracts for the dApps can also be done by our experts.


dApp movement

Our team of professionals are apt enough to provide your business with the transfer of dApp application on a wide array of the operating system. dApp development is done by moving a running application to any other blockchain platform for the smooth functioning of the business.


Decentralized storehouse

Various decentralized cloud storage platforms approve of peer to peer buying and selling. Such a form of storage ensures security as well as the privacy of the transactions. Each business project is allotted a secured cloud storage platform.


Smart Contracts

Smart Contract services are provided only after development, trialling, and then launching it on different kinds of a platform like Ethereum, Neo and many others. We provide total assistance to our customers by guiding them about their business necessity.


User Interface

Our team and company are known for the development of business like user-interface procedures. From the year 2007, we have a record of maintaining smooth running applications for our clients. 100 such applications have been developed since 2007.

Ethereum DApps Development

We bring tailor-made blockchain solutions for our customers on several platforms by launching smart contracts. At the same time, peer to peer transactions are fully secured and helps in the smooth functioning of the business.

Immutability of Data

No third party can meddle with the database of the clients.


The database remains protected from malware of all kinds because of the fact that it is decentralized in nature.

Zero downtime

Running applications cannot be stopped for the smooth functioning of the business.

Characteristics of DApps

Open source

Being administered by autonomy the modifications are determined with the consent of the major number of clients. The functionalities of the dApp development will be decided only after a thorough check.


The documents are stocked on a community ledger that is immovable and is protected. There is no central server involved in the running of dApps.


A bonus specific operation is permitted by dApps. It grants accolades on the attendance of network nodes.

Consensus Mechanism

Each and every resolution in the dApp is based on an agreement. It can be executed in the form of cryptographic hashing agreement. dApp is sovereign in nature, therefore, agreements assists in the earning of an accord.

Monitising your DApps

  • Launching your Token

    The tokens launched must specifically follow the conformity of the GDPR, KYC and AML. In this way, the tokens issued will remain protected.

  • Commission

    Commissions received from every fruitful bargain will turn out as a wealthy revenue model.

  • Subscription

    Do you want to gain a dApp enrollment? In that case, you will require a subscription fee for obtaining the dApp services.

  • Advertisment

    Well, this is not as famous and effective as the other monetizing procedures. But companies will be offered a range of openings within the smart contract for their ads to be displayed.

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