Empower your business journey with Dapp Development Services

Blockchain powered

Blockchain powered

Build a complete decentralised application that can work automatically with minimum human intervention.

Secured and transparent technology

Secured and transparent technology

Track your data and transactions easily on the blockchain explorer. Highly secure Dapp development services.

New opportunities

New opportunities for business of any domain

Blockchain can streamline your business processes greatly. All you need now is a Dapp to integrate smart contracts into your business.

Reduce Cost

Reduced cost

Once you deploy a Dapp on the blockchain, it stays there forever. This allows you to cut costs and save time.

Our Dapp development services

Dapp Consultation
Dapp Consultation

Consult with our expert blockchain consultants who specialise in Decentralised Application Development.

Dapp Design
Dapp Design

Our experts can design a premium Decentralised Application for you that users would want to spend time on.

Smart Contract Development
Smart contract development

Our Solidity experts will be right at your disposal to build the right smart contracts for your business.

Dapp Maintenance
Dapp Maintenance

We also provide Dapp maintenance and upgrade services where you can scale your Dapps as your business grows.

Dapp porting
Dapp Porting

The future is cross-chain and you don’t want to fall behind. Migrate your existing Dapp to any blockchain.

Custom Dapp Development
Custom Dapp Development

Maybe you have an idea that no one else has thought of. We will help you build your custom Dapp on any blockchain.

Advantages of Dapps


Dapps are special because the entire application works on smart contracts. This means that you can cater to your clients without having to worry about security. Blockchain ensures that.


Another benefit of opting for Dapps development services is that you don’t have to worry about reliability. Since everything is on the blockchain, your Dapp will keep on running forever.

Robust Experience
Robust Experience

Our Dapps development services include a very extensive QA and testing process. This ensures that the product you are getting is highly robust and free from any vulnerabilities.

Higher Efficiency
Higher Efficiency

If you’re Dapp intends to solve real-world problems, we can even set up a dedicated blockchain network for your application. Launch your Dapp project today with our Dapp development services.


Build automated systems that require minimal human input through smart contracts. Automated Dapps are the perfect choice for solving real-world problems in healthcare, supply chain, etc.


You can track and verify each transaction your users make through your Dapp on the blockchain explorer. No matter how many users you have, everything is immutably recorded on the blockchain ledger.

Dapps Development Network We focus on

Dapps Development network
  • Ethereum

    Build your Dapp on the most decentralized Layer 1 Blockchain platform available, Ethereum.

  • Polygon

    If your project expects thousands or millions of users, you can build your Dapp on an Ethereum Layer 2 like Polygon.

  • Binance Smart Chain

    Enjoy fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs with the Binance Smart Chain/BNB Chain.

  • Avalanche

    This blockchain platform allows you to create fast and gas-efficient Dapps. If you’re Dapp requires extremely high efficiency, we can build your Dapp on Avalanche’s Subnet.

Why choose BlockchainX for Dapps Development

  • Technical Prowess

    Gain access to our expert teams from end to end with round-the-clock technical support from our consultants.

  • Expert Team

    We hire leading industry experts and train them to meet the demands of our clients. No matter what, you’ll get a team of experts.

  • Rapid Development

    We provide end-to-end development services with the fastest turnaround times while maintaining quality.

  • Complete Support

    A consultant will be in constant communication with you. We also allocate a dedicated project manager for your project.

  • Expertise in tools & technologies

    Build your next Dapp with the latest tools and technologies and trained experts from the industry.

Why Choose Us

Tools and Technologies

Hyperledger Besu

Build EVM-based Layer 1 blockchains with custom consensus algorithms designed by our experts.

Hyperledger Fabric

For enterprise projects where you need a dedicated network, Fabric is a perfect choice.


If you’re trying to be a Polkadot para chain and want to build your own Dapp, ten Substrate is the right framework.


Our go-to Solidity framework for smart contracts. Truffle covers most of everything for smart contract development.


For token-based projects that do not have many complex features, we use Ethereum’s own Remix IDE.

Back End

Front End

Our Dapps Development Process


All projects start with a discovery call between our technical consultants and your team.

Project Planning

Our consultants gather the required information about the project from the discovery call and help you platform the project properly.


You can also hire us for regular upgrades of the Dapp.

Visual design
Visual and Technical Design

The next stage is the UI/UX design and architecture design. We allocate our design team and 1 architect to your project.


Once the architecture and designs are done, then it’s off to our development team. A project manager will be in constant communication with you.


We deploy the smart contracts on the testnet and integrate them into the Dapp. We then deliver this Dapp to you for user acceptance testing (UAT). Once you confirm the functionalities, then we deploy it on the mainnet.

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Project kickoff

Once everything looks good, we allocate a dedicated team consisting of a Project Manager, Consultant, Architect, Developers, and QA Analysts.


We are always asked a lot of questions which we are happy to answer at any time. Here are some Blockchain-related questions that have been asked times innumerable.

Dapps or Decentralized Applications are blockchain-based applications that run completely or partially on smart contracts.

Get a free consultation with our expert blockchain consultant and learn how you can streamline your business with a Dapp.

MakerDAO, Uniswap, MahaDAO, etc., are good examples of DAOs.

Since Dapps work using smart contracts, you can ensure security, transparency, and privacy, through the blockchain.

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