Our DAO Development Services

smart contract
Smart Contracts

Build a DAO Platform that runs completely on Solidity smart contracts and enter decentralized organization governance.

Consulting and Guidance
Consulting & Guidance

Our expert Blockchain Consultants will be at your disposal to guide you from paper to on-chain in the shortest runaround times.

DApp Development
dApp development

The key to starting any business is to have a good product. Build the right dApp that helps your business cater to customers better.

DAO Development Services: Traditional Organization vs DAO

DApp development

While a traditional organization has a lot of moving parts that directly depend on individuals for governance, a DAO achieves this completely trustlessly. A Decentralized Autonomous Organization runs its governance operations through smart contracts, where the decision-making responsibilities are distributed to its employees or the community through a democratic voting process. Build the right solution for your organization with our DAO Development Services.

Features of a Decentralized Autonomous Network

open source code
Open Source Code

As these platforms are Decentralized, you can help the community grow by providing your DAO Source Code publicly.

DAO Token
DAO Token

We help you create a well-built governance token for your Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Based on Smart Contracts
Based on Smart Contracts

A DAO handles its decision-making processes through smart contracts. This helps create a trustless system.

Blockchain technology
Blockchain Technology

Our DAO development services allow you to leverage the security, immutability, and transparency of blockchain technology.

How Does a DAO Work?

A DAO can work like any other organization, but with the addition of Decentralized Governance.

How DAO Works

1. Governance Tokens are distributed among DAO members.

2. The decision-making process: Members submit proposals.

3. Token holders vote on these proposals.

4. The proposal that gets majority in the voting process gets approved.

5. Governance is excercised comepletely through smart contracts.

Why Choose DAO Platform Development?

Why Choose Us

Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering whether building a DAO is what your organization needs. So, why should you opt for DAO platform development? The answer is in the word itself, it’s decentralized. Building a DAO that works completely on smart contracts allows you to establish trust with your customers, employees, and the community in an unparalleled way. Everything works on blockchain smart contracts including governance.

What Are The Existing Types Of DAOs?

Protocol DAO
Protocol DAOs

A protocol DAO is a trustless organization or protocol that governs activities such as Lending/Borrowing, Staking, etc.

Collector DAO
Collector DAOs

A Collector DAO is an organization that uses smart contracts for the buying, selling, and issuance of NFTs.

Grant DAO
Grant DAOs

The purpose of a Grant DAO is to promote innovation. The community funds a pool with crypto and allocates the funds to proposals through voting.

Social DAO
Social DAOs

A Social DAO is an organization or platform that connects people through a membership-based social platform.

Media DAO
Media DAOs

A Media DAO is a platform where users participate in media distribution and consumption through DAO governance.

Investment DAO
Investment DAOs

An Investment DAO is a decentralized investment vehicle where the DAO members can collectively distribute wealth in various investments.

What Are Some Use Cases Of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Trustlussly enforces agreements between the members of your organization and conducts governance through decentralized voting.


Facilitate key decision-making processes through voting with our DAO development services.


The process of fundraising can be streamlined using a DAO and make sure that the right funds are allocated to the right causes or projects.

Why BlockchainX for DAO Development Services?

Technical Prowess
Technical Prowess

When you hire BlockchainX as your DAO development company, you’re hiring a complete technology partner. That stays with you through the process.

Expert Team
Expert Team

Our team of experts has been trained in the industry and has years of experience building complex blockchain system and DAO platform development.

Rapid Development
Rapid Development

Our DAO development services include a streamlined and rapid development process where we can expedite the DAO platform development to launch your platform quickly.

complete support
Complete Support

One of our DAO development platform experts will be in constant communication with you for round-the-clock technical and consulting support.

meaningful outcome
Meaningful Outcomes

Define and deliver meaningful outcomes from your project through our DAO development services.

Why Choose BlockchainX for DAO platform Development?

why choose blockchainx

1. Team of certified blockchain developers.

2. Hands-on experience in multiple blockchains.

3. Employment of the latest technologies.

4. The transparent and rapid development process.

5. 24x7 post-development support.

Steps Involved In DAO Platform Development

Requirements Identification

Our journey with you starts with a discovery call where our consulting team gathers the project requirements from you.

Smart Contract Development

The next stage is with our architects and development team where they develop the smart contracts for your DAO development project.

Smart Contracts Testing

Our testing and QA team put all smart contracts through an extensive testing process where they comb out all vulnerabilities.

Front-End Development & Launch

Once we build the smart contacts, the final stage is to integrate the front end with the backend smart contracts. Then it’s time to Launch!


We are always asked a lot of questions which we are happy to answer at any time. Here are some Blockchain-related questions that have been asked times innumerable.

DAO is short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization and works completely through smart contracts. All decision-making is done through voting and only members that hold the governance token can vote.

Unlike a traditional organization, a DAO does not have an organizational hierarchy. Instead, the DAO members or the community engage in the decision-making process.

MakerDAO, Uniswap, MahaDAO, etc., are good examples of DAOs.

A DAO makes money by proving services or products in the decentralized space through smart contract-based protocols.

Our team of experts is well-equipped to deliver dApp development services with the shortest turnaround times.

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