Pile Up Your Own NFT Collections like CryptoPunks

Create and Pile Up Your Own NFT Collections like CryptoPunks

2021 was a revolutionary year of opportunities for art lovers, artists, and musicians in the digital world. Many of the NFTs have been released in the first week of the year, which maintains the hype among the audience. These digital collectibles are starting as a joke but as a turning point for many artists and investors. This create a quite popularity of NFTs recently. Due to the interest of several people in such collectibles, the value of these Cryptopunks has skyrocketed and it is currently being sold for millions.

Here we give you a detailed step-by-step process of creating NFTs like Cryptopunks, an amazing NFT collection. Without further ado, Let’s get straight into our topic.

What are Cryptopunks?

Cryptopunks are 24*24 pixel art images or unique avatars represented as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 10000 Cryptopunks available in the market, all with unique characteristics. In simple words, one of the best examples of Cryptopunks is NFT.

Although it was released in 2017, it gained popularity by some of the Cryptopunks sold it for millions of dollars in 2021. Apart from this, one of the highlighting attributes of Cryptopunks is that everyone can view any one of the Cryptopunks.

How did Cryptopunks gain popularity?

Digital collections are the latest way of money-making concept that opens many opportunities for people who think earn money with the latest trends.CryptoPunks are the pioneer for these when one of the Cryptopunks NFTs sold for $ 11.8 million in 2021, increasing the value of NFTs.

Cryptopunks were developed before the introduction of the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Cryptopunks continue to grow in popularity due to low transaction fees.

Cryptopunk is one of the most valuable NFT collections among investors and traders in this market by its attractive feature that they are unalterable. This collection belongs to the profile picture (PFP) category, which has increased the demand for this astonishing and expensive NFT collection.

The types of Cryptopunks






Mohawk hairstyle

Surgical masks

Factors Determining Cryptopunks Value

1. Type of NFT you select.

2. Demand and Supply in the market

3. The rarity of NFT

4. Value Estimators

Features of Cyptopunks

Crypto punks can possess zero as well as many features at the same time. Moreover, the attributes are exclusive to one gender.

Anyone and everyone can see any of the Cryptopunks.

What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)?

NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. It comes in various forms like drawings, music, game, and art. Also, participating in the process of selling and buying digital assets is an easy process.

Additionally, NFT is rare which means unique and cannot be exchanged. Additionally, NFTs come in the form of computerized artwork, pieces of land, virtual environments, and sports cards. Furthermore, NFTs are implemented through smart contracts that provide ownership and exchange of tokens.

Converting files into NFTs helps secure them via blockchain, streamlines buying and selling, trades, and significantly reduces fraud.

The Types of NFTs

There are several types of NFTs available at the market today, here we list some of them:

Generative Art

One-of-one Artwork

PFPs and Avatars





Domain Name


Features of NFTs

Some of the features of NFT are listed below:







How To Create Your NFT Like Crypto Punks

Crypto punks highly value the individual or users. Also, if a person wants to create their NFT like crypto punks, they need to follow certain steps. In this section, we have analyzed in great detail and verbatim how Nfts like Cryptopunks are created.

1. Select your art

2. Get some Ether Handy

3. Choose a marketplace platform

4. Create your NFTs like Cryptopunks

5. Trade your Cryptopunks clone tokens

1. Select your art

The first step that a person has to do is to choose the artwork according to their liking. Just like CryptoPunks uses avatar images with male, female, and alien faces, you need to make sure what kind of art you're going to use on your own NFT. The only limitation you have when choosing your artwork is that it must be a unique piece.

1. Choose an image editor.

2. Select a canvas size (24*24 or 32*32).

3. Design the parts of the image.

4. Every piece should be in different layers.

5. Export each image as a png file.

6. Create the main directory.

7. Create subdirectories to store each part of the image.

8. Install your flexible programming language.

9. Combine the images in the script with coding.

2. Get some Ether Handy

It is a must thing to have a sufficient amount of Ethers or Eth in hand. This step is necessary to achieve success in a person's project. You might have an idea that creating an NFT project similar to CryptoPunks will cost you a lot. But it was not that expensive. By enlisting the help of a professional NFT token development company, you stand a good chance of completing the project at a reasonable cost.

3. Choose a Marketplace Platform

The third step a person needs to do is to choose a platform that will help them represent their NFTs. If you have enough funds, next you should choose a platform to feature your NFT. You can select from Mintable, OpenSee, or some popular marketplaces to list rare NFTs. Joining Opensea is a cost-free option for your NFTs. After choosing a marketplace that suits your needs, connect your digital wallet to proceed.

4. Create your NFTs like Cryptopunks

At this stage, a person needs to connect their wallet to the platform. Now they can mint their NFT token and save their favorite artwork on it. Be sure to upload unique art to each NFT you create. Now you have completed the process of creating your own NFTs like CryptoPunks.

5. Trade your Cryptopunks clone tokens

The last but most important step is to present your artwork to an audience. Whoever is attracted to your art, will buy your artwork and give you credit for it. So, you can earn money from your Cryptopunks. Looking at the rate of trading going on at Cryptopunks, it won't take long to get your valuable creation noticed. If you plan to create your NFTs like Cryptopunks, you can forward them with confidence.

Why do we need to create NFTs like Cryptopunks?

Cryptopunks entered the market to make fun of and entertain people, but these jokes made millions of dollars within a short period. Day by day the number of investors who are interested in investing in NFT collectibles is increasing, and by this, the popularity of Cryptopunks touches the height with huge support.

Near $400 million worth of 10000 unique Cryptopunks is available in the market. A Cryptopunk called 3100 was sold for more than $7 million. These are some of the lighting features of Cryptopunks to answer the above question of why we need to create NFTs like Cryptopunks.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we can state that all individuals who have used NFTs are getting a helping hand from the so-called Crypto punks. Apart from this, Cryptopunks are known for their amazing and most important feature, which is their immutable nature. So, if you want to generate your NFTs like Cryptopunks, follow the above-mentioned steps and enjoy fruitful revenue with your Cryptopunks.


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