What is Cold Storage Wallet?

A cryptocurrency cold storage wallet is basically an offline crypto token storage system. Crypto wallet addition to existing web applications has several advantages along the lines of safety, convenience, and usability. And safety is what gives this little physical system the ultimate edge. Typically, cryptocurrency exchanges store tokens online, on a system that connects to the internet. Naturally, anything that connects to the internet leaves room for cyber-attacks. Cold wallet integration with web apps of exchanges solves this problem completely because a cold wallet does not connect to the internet, and therefore, is safe from attacks. Additionally, cold wallets are encrypted, keeping your digital assets completely safe.

Exist offline without connecting to the internet

The internet is a free space for people to connect, which is also what makes it dangerous. Plenty of hackers crawl all over the cyberspace, and since the crypto scene has been gaining momentum, they have been trying to target these platforms too. Digital defenses are effective, but not unbreakable. A crypto cold wallet integration solves this by keeping crypto tokens on an offline and encrypted physical wallet.

Cold Wallet vs Digital Wallet

Digital wallets or “hot wallets” reside online and connect to the internet, which always leaves the possibility of hackers attacking the system and stealing all your assets. A cold wallet, on the other hand, resides offline, does not stay connected to the internet, and is reinforced with encryption.

Trending towards offline wallets

Owing to the greater level of security that cryptocurrency cold wallets provide, the market seems to be shifting towards these physical asset storage systems. So, let's look a little deeper into what you need to know before beginning cold wallet development for your business.

Cryptographically secure USB drives

Through cold wallet development, you can now store your cryptocurrency on specially designed, cryptographically secure USB drives. These drives connect seamlessly with your platform’s web applications.

Intuitive front-end UI for interacting with Cold wallet

Our cold wallet development team has carefully put together an intuitive front-end UI that will connect and work harmoniously with physical cold wallets. It’s a completely plug-n-play experience for your users.

Supports all popular cryptocurrencies including ERC20 tokens

Our crypto cold wallet integration solution supports all popular cryptocurrencies, including the most commonly used ERC20 token standard of the Ethereum blockchain. Get everything you need in a single package.

Secure Multisig key security

You can enable Multisignature security for your wallet with crypto cold wallet integration, which means that it requires multiple keys to authorize a transaction. The perfect solution for business transactions.

Crypto Cold Wallet Development

Our team for cold wallet development consists of crypto and software maestros who have dedicated their lives to providing businesses with the most innovative blockchain-based software solutions. The process of crypto cold wallet addition to existing web applications is totally seamless, and does not involve any sort of hassle.

Cold Wallet integration with web application

Our solution connects seamlessly with popular cold wallets in the market and we can integrate your cold wallets with our web applications easily. A completely fool-proof solution for storing your valuable digital assets.

Transaction history

Our crypto cold wallet integration system acts as your personal accountant and provides you with detailed transaction history, whenever you connect your cold wallet. Know your spending and manage your finances easily.

Transaction initiation

Make the most of crypto cold wallet integration and initiate transactions easily. You can also automate recurring transactions so that you don’t worry about pending payments. Perfect for modern businesses.

Online Balance Check

Keeping an eye on your wallet is always good especially if you make several transactions a day. Check your current balance online easily by logging into your account and clicking on the balance check feature.

Offline Balance Check

Since a cold wallet is offline, you have to always wait to connect to the internet for checking your balance, right? Wrong! You can easily connect your wallet to the application and check your balance, even if you are offline.

We support Trezor and
Ledger cold wallet

Our crypto cold wallet integration solution is perfect for businesses big and small, supporting both Trezor and Ledger Cold Wallets. We constantly update our systems according to the latest technology, so you always get the latest artillery under your arsenal.

Advantages of
Crypto Cold Wallet Integration

Cold wallet development offers many benefits and these benefits suit both regular traders and businesses. Let’s take a look at how a cold wallet can help you out.


The major advantage of crypto cold wallet integration is the high level of safety it provides. Your tokens are stored on a separate device and don’t need to connect to the internet to function, eliminating threats.

Set and forget

In a set and forget trading system, you initially set up everything including your profit targets and stop-loss, and then forget it to let the market go on its course. The system automatically initiates functions based on your settings.

Good Backup strategy

Cold wallets are a great backup strategy for your cryptocurrency tokens because unlike in traditional crypto trading where everything is stored online, here, you store your tokens physically on a device and away from hackers.

Effective for mainstream traders and investors

This physical-asset-keeping aspect of cold wallets makes it perfect for mainstream traders and investors who are used to trading in Fiat currencies. Above all, the system helps establish trust with your investors.

Cold Wallet Interface Screens

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